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Thread: Paladins remix - a Paladins inspired game concept

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    Paladins remix - a Paladins inspired game concept

    As we all know paladins is a first person shooter based around moba like tropes and abilities with a bunch of characters and likes to shit on a certain poor purple fellow..
    And we all know what smash brothers is a 2d fighter with a bunch of characters duking it out and likes to shit on a certain poor purple fellow.

    Since smash ultimate is coming out SOON tm i'd thought it be a fun idea to see what paladins could be if it was a mash up of smashbros, mobas and shooters.

    as we all know each reality run parallel to each other,building on the foundation one laid upon another to become something yet the same and its no different in this world.
    In this realm everything is ruled by the Beat,a pulsating energy that keeps our hearts in tune,from this energy radiated the rhythm that makes one unique to another while granting amazing power to everyone.
    Through the beat and the rhythm the Realm was blessed so much culture an endless supply of song and history to repeat to ones children,it would lighten the spirits of many and comfort those who have fallen.
    Some did not like the rhythms of others so they tried to silence them to make theirs the loudest which lead to war which lead to death.
    The victors were not decided by those who fought the hardest but by the ones who screamed for sympathy.
    These of course were the magistrate.what was the small group of heros who had formed their own state after the aftermath of many battles before.with most of the faction allied to them the magistrate quickly conquered the realm and ended the war supposedly putting the realm into everlasting peace
    This new decided that these rhythms needed to become one in the same so that these tragic events don’t happen again and they had the means to do it.
    The crystals before this brought everyone together in a orchestra that had no conductor but still sounded like a masterpiece but now their used to make everyone play the same tune till they synchronize.
    Many didn’t agree with this selfish decision and fearing what will happen when they become synced rebelled under the banner of paladins an ancient order that fought the magistrate long ago but sadly lost.
    With everything on the line once more the paladins blasted their songs into battle knowing there is little chance of them winning,however the beat forces them to fight for freedom against an unstoppable threat.

    General gameplay:
    First of all let’s discuss how general gameplay works,its typical siege rules - one player to avoid clutter,first to capture the point pushes a payload to the enemy base,if the team pushes the payload all the way they get another point but if the defenders successfully defend they get a point.
    The major difference is everything is on a 2d plane so maps are designed more vertically to compensate for the lack of the z axis,second is platforming becomes a core aspect since dodging to the right is no longer an option one must use their environment more to succeed.

    Champion controls:
    With the lack of the Z axis comes the rise of platformer physics in the realm meaning champions aren't just restricted to their movement abilities for getting around.
    Champions can also dash for added maneuverability
    All champions now have two different modes.shooting mode and melee mod.
    Shooting mode is the standard mode you will be using for most engagements
    Melee mode is for players who prefer the fighting genre go all out and allow for extra abilities to be used,the 3 melee attacks available are light/heavy and grabs.

    If two andros were to just face tank their regular revolver attack they would kill each other in under 4 seconds however if they were to use each tool in their kit to its fullest the ttk would be around 9 seconds (this is a fighting slash 2d shooter after all so having very low ttk would be counter intuitive) likewise if two makoas were to duke it out the ttk would resemble more of a standard fighting game like smash bros.
    The TTK becomes dynamic with one of the mechanics i’ll mention later which helps in stopping sustain fights going on for two long
    The ability cooldown and ammo rework:
    Cool downs have been replaced with a special meter that dictates what abilities you can use
    At a certain time,abilities will consume some of this meter,if there isn’t enough of this meter to use that ability you can get more of this meter by meleeing them or in the case of supports helping the team with assistance(giving helpful buffs gaining assets etc.)
    This meter is too discourage cowardly play and to award players for taking risks but to also bring the wide variety of moves players would use in fighting games for more dynamic combo opportunities for the extra skilled players to show off their skill.
    It also helps prevent mindless spamming of abilities and make every use a cautious discussion and make every shot count.

    Ultimate Charging:
    Ultimate's in this game don’t charge over time,instead you have to charge them manually with a exchange for charging your ult you give some of your meter.
    This is too add more in the moment critical thinking to a match,to ether save up for what could be a game changing ult or don’t charge it at all for the moment to moment game play.

    Health and percentage system:

    The health system has two layers,your main health and the percentage gage,your main health works like it does in regular paladins however the percentage gage is a little can be primarily gained with melee attacks and can only be lost if you die or healed by a support.
    .if you gain too much percentage you will take more damage and get knocked back more which can be dangerous when near hazards while also dealing minor damage by being smacked around everywhere,the effect of percentage can be lessened with cc reduction(but doesn’t stop percentage being gained nor negate the increased damage) and percent damage goes all the way to 300.
    Percent damage is to stop fights from stale mating too soon while also giving supports more things to do than just heal allowing them to get rid of the often lethal percent damage even when caut is involved.this is how i see a dynamic ttk working here.
    Fight domes:
    Each area of the map is like a large smash bros stage with some areas in between for traversing.if 2 players from both teams enter one of these areas they will activate the dome trapping both inside until there is only 1 left.
    The fight domes will not activate if there not an equal amount of players from both teams in its radius to prevent ganking on the support every-time.
    This is done so that people can’t just run from a fair fight like a little sissy and to make sure fights aren't spread across the whole map.


    Cauterize works in tangent with the percentage gage as well,instead of dealing a flat percentage of caut with each level the amount of caut that one gets is decided by the amount of percentage gage they have.
    This new caut doesn’t shut down healers completely as they can still negate the effects of it by some bit still giving them a purpose late game.
    For example if i have caut level 1 and my opponent was at 0% percentage gage i would deal 0 caut however if my opponent was at 300% i would deal the regular amount of caut.

    Items, levels and load outs:
    The item system has also taken and overhaul.
    At the start of a match you chose 1 item from each category all starting at level one.
    When doing stuff in the match you gain points and when you earn enough points you level up increasing the level of your cards as can level up max of two times to gain level 3 cards.
    This is partially for my own sanity since my mouse lags like hell in paladins and having an automatic system like this would make my life far easier but also to keep the flow of matches going without having to open up a menu mid round just to buy slightly better walking speed.
    It would also give an incentive to do well instead of suicide into the enemy team or hiding in the corner all game waiting to level up to take on the team that worked for their levels.

    Camera and controls:

    The camera works like it does in most 2D games,it follows the character around occasionally fixating on points of interest like the payload or an enemy.
    all champions have a form of dashing that allows them to get out of the way of incoming fire
    And to aid in platforming.not much to note here

    Moving the mouse/right analog stick in one direction will determine which direction you will attack.
    The A and D keys will move your character while double tapping them will cause the character to dash in that direction,the left analog works in a similar fashion for controllers.
    space bar will jump (X/A for you console plebs)holding will cause you to jump higher and the middle mouse button(Square/X for controllers) switches between melee and shooting modes
    Q is your first ability while SHIFT is is your second ability.on controllers is the L1 and L2 buttons.
    Your ult/charge button is of course E (Triangle/Y on controllers)
    In shooting mode left click shots and right click is alt fire. On console its the r1 and r2 buttons.
    In melee mode you press left click to attack for light attacks and hold for heavy attacks and right click for grabs.its the same controllers (r1 and r2)

    Finally one of the more influential features is lane shifting.most maps will have multiple lanes that can only be accessed with certain access points,you can’t attack enemies that aren't on the same lanes as you (one of the champions i will mention will be an exception) however these alternative lanes do allow for flanking for the flank characters.
    These lanes also have hazards that make them difficult to traverse such as bottomless pits,spikes and moving platforms so that its not so easy going through these lanes.
    I think this would be an influential mechanic as it stops all 8 players from being clumped onto the same screen at once avoiding the clutter plus gives a chance for stealthier game-play from flankers and more 1v1 opportunities while giving a unique platforming challenge.

    The classes:

    Of course when you change the game so much the current classes won’t hold as well so how i would re-contextualized each of the 4 classes to fit this new format


    Taking up most of the lanes they will always be facing the enemy team head on soaking up damage and making space for their team.
    Their good for locking down certain alternative lanes however their low mobility means they have to take the main lane most of the time and have a harder time dodging,in a sense their a lot like heavy hitters from smashbros.
    They soak up percentage like a sponge and deal it back in force allowing their mediocre damage to become deadly to everything that's not a frontline. this also means they rely heavily on getting that percentage damage going to get any real damage in on the enemy luckily the next class will give them a chance at that
    Characters in this role:
    Khan from the critically acclaimed metro 2033 series (ameri-khan edition)
    Fn 01 Helios

    These guys specialize in softening up the enemy with health and percentage damage for the rest of the team while still being able to mop up when needed,while not in direct fire like frontlines they still enjoy being near the main fight dishing out the hurt,what there not so good at is fighting flanks who usually have the tools to deal with these pesky wasps and there hard work can be negated by the next class.
    However when they play well with there team they allow the frontlines to wreak havoc give supports some breathing room and allow flanks to pick off weekend targets while still allowing you to get those kills and hog all the killstreak for yourself.
    And instalock of course.
    Characters in this role:
    Biz king Bomb king
    Remix Strix (you’ll quickly notice a trend)
    Wyvernus aka drogoz but wahmen

    The focus of Supports has always been their healing output and ability to assist in fights.the supports in this game will more supportive options for their team such as buffs or debuffs built into their kit (for example say grohk can power of his teammates by shooting them giving them a speed boost) so that some people aren't just heal botting all game and have some carry potential.
    When push comes to shove they won’t take it lying down they still got some pretty scary offensive options when needed and they can remove percentage with their healing items making a high priority pick for any flank.
    Characters in this role:
    neon demon Grohk
    Grobot Grover

    Instead of just being lite damage champions flank characters have the most tools to get around the map,in fact they can reach areas completely off limits for all over characters and are overall the fastest in the game and have the most invasive capability oh tho they only have moderate damage and the lowest health pools so they must be extra cautious
    They still bring that important element of surprise with a lot of offensive options to outplay their opponent and grab those important picks for your team.
    Characters in this role:
    Raeve Maeve
    Academic Skye
    prototype K.O.G.A

    The characters themselves:
    Ash now embodies death metal in her design with large broken speakers acting as her weapon of choice and apocalyptic gear on her armor salvaged from what people called “the war machine”a terrible brute used by the magistrate.
    Her brutality is fueled by her anger towards the idea of a divided world,she sees the wars of before as the result of the desynched rhythm with the solution to eternal peace lying in the hands of the magistrate.
    Leading the cold war against the new paladins she got her name from the fact she reduces every battle field to rubble and haze.

    Ash still retains her role as a bully of everyone and anyone in her-way,the new percentage mechanic benefits her nicely as she deals massive amounts of it with her melee attacks and abuses it to its full effect,charging head first into battle the one thing she lacks is damage so your not gonna be killing by yourself without environmental hazards or competent teammates,since the latter is rare you are gonna have to focus smacking your opponents around with your melee attacks so that you can get that percent damage going.
    Her primary fire and secondary fire don’t deal a lot of damage at low percentage and don’t use a lot of meter ether.he charge does do a lot more damage than before but uses more meter than her other movement ability.
    Her barrier has been replaced with a mini flag (or should i say boom box) that gives 50% reduced damage to herself and herself only when she stays in the radius of this mini flag oh tho this flag does use half of her meter,in melee mode this flag is replaced with one that gives cc immunity but doesn’t last as long.when in melee mode her charge is also replaced with another ability that takes the mobility of ashes ult and puts it into its own ability to help as get into a fight faster and quicker as well as to give her some vertical mobility using a good portion of her meter.
    Her ultimate now gives cc immunity from the get go,

    Patriotism taken to the extreme he refuses to listen to anything except the national anthem.
    Khan also believes in the syncing process however he doesn’t agree with the magistrate since they are not patriotic enough so he foolishly wages war by himself against the magistrate and only sees the new paladins as a tool to topple the magistrate for his own ideological driven battle.
    he also has no relation to america.

    Khan is a extreme physical threat and a opposing threat from mid range,he enjoys facing advancing on the enemy and holding the frontline to himself,he's repeater gives him excellent spacing options and his kit remains unchanged mostly
    His repeater barely uses any meter and his shields health is based on how much meter he has.
    His charge now defy gravity for a small cost and his shout uses most of his meter.
    When in melee mode he's charge now shoots him straight to grab his opponents and throw them beneath him,his shout in melee mode pushes enemy’s back and fears them for a split second instead of buffing himself.
    His ultimate has been made fair.instead of instalocking onto a target you have to aim a harpoon to actually grab a enemy like makoa does so now no more insta ulting people.

    While certainly a scary guy he's weakness is verticality so make sure to get the high ground on him and he'll have little options to deal with you,he is also doesn’t have the luxury that ash does when it comes to whacking people around so anti-cc builds won’t be too fused with him.

    Fn 01 Helios:
    in this new world order the knights of the realm represented a age of hero's which was long gone and missed dearly.
    in a attempt to rectify this a brilliant dwarf mechanic (not barik) created the Fn series of robots designed to bring a friendly protector to the new metropolises.
    when war started to brew the riots soon followed,the magistrate took the Fn 02 design and mass produced them as riot police defying the initial purpose.
    while the mechanic could do nothing one of his oldest creations could.
    may it be something in its programming or it may have a genuine need to protect the innocent but what ever it was the robot began its heroic crusade to protect all those from harm,he aligns with nether side and only wishes to keep the people that look up to him safe.
    he has no sex drive for any gender...

    This Not gay not straight robot still retains what makes him a great frontline,he still packs a punch and can be defensive when needed.
    his flame lance drains his meter at a very slow and steady pace with low damage but has the advantage of going through shields and players making for some good crowd control.
    his shields health is directly tied to his meter so he will have to get offensive to regenerate is also taller then before to better protect his team.
    his fireball deals more damage to shields than players and has a high meter cost in exchange for its utility.
    his dash has been replaced with a wind up mini-reinhart charge,at the end of the charge he will swipe his shield in an upwards motion,enemies hit by the swipe will take a lot of damage but only if they get hit at the end of the charge.
    in melee mode his flame lance becomes an actual lance giving him extra range for poking and spacing.
    his fireball in melee mode is replaced with an ability that now allows him to anchor to a teammate protecting them from one side that he can swap between but can't attack when in this stance,it has the benefit of protecting your team at the expense of your own health.
    the charge in melee mode acts a lot like king k rools helipack allowing him to get some vertical mobility in the air.
    his ult is unchanged.

    While the ancient may be gone the effects of his actions can still be felt to this day.
    While he couldn’t save himself he did prevent the realm from plummeting into a never ending sea and saved the scadrin from certain extinction.
    Afterwards a small group of Dragons diverged into drakes worshiping makoa as a peaceful god who brought peace and prosperity to all races he protected.
    However there instinctual need for gold quickly lead there race onto a war with the other races for there gold which lead to the first instance of mass syncing by the magistrate bringing peace but at what cost.

    Many generations later the good deeds of makoas were mostly forgotten and replaced with an image of greed and selfishness bringing the culture of drakes into a dimly lit light forcing them dissociate themselves with what was supposed to be a peaceful culture or willingly choose the life of greed and selfishness in an act of defiance for the magistrates crimes while commenting their own.
    Than entered a drake who was there for the great syncing.
    He still practices the ancient traditions of his people in away that defies the common opinion about drake culture.
    He is kind,selfless,eager to help.
    He forgave those who made the discussion understanding that his leaders committed a lot worse during the wars and he wants to show the world what true drake culture is.
    he left his home with his daughter to start a better life with her.

    However she changed,over the years she seemed uncomfortable around her father when he practiced the traditions and she never invited any of her friends over for unexplained reasons.
    Other then that things were going great he leaned his music skills to a certain blue fox for her game and he was helping a local school learn the in’s and out’s of drake history.
    However when certain influences found out what he was doing they accused him of being just like the extremists “how could anyone think this is ok” they screamed focusing on the worst of the culture,the war crimes,and the bigotry of the leaders.
    They judged everyone based on the actions of a few.
    The extremists on the other hand saw him as a disgrace to his ancestors “it’s insulting that he can just choose to ignore what made us drakes,there is only shame for him”.
    They didn’t just attack him,the music he made for the game was wasted as it was taken down by outside forces,he was fired from the school to avoid controversy leaving many of his students with a teacher that didn’t care for them or the culture he was teaching and his chances of ever making a living were shattered.

    It was not just him,everywhere the old ways are being snuffed out,what once were people with thriving history are now just another detour in the book of life.cultures that didn’t fit the ideas of others got beaten to a pulp and left to rot in the rain even the church of jenos was barely scraping by.
    Having no choice he had no choice but to return to his home land leaving his daughter behind still hoping she can somehow make it.

    After his arrival it was not long until he was taken to the city where the synchronization changed the drakes forever. The beatles husks still there still staring still breathing still alive.
    A drake holding the anchor moves them like puppets.
    “Is this what you want to become,because this is what happens to honorless traitors like you who choose to live in a world where everyone needs to be the same”
    Lifting the anchor above his head he whacks our poor soul over his head knocking him out.
    Now he stands before the hero,makoa long dead but still determined to help.
    “The Seas and The rivers can no longer look to me for guidance,i have failed my mission to protect the world from this cruelty,i can see you have the will to love and defend and that's why i pass my role onto you”
    Now wielding the power of the ancients the reincarnated Makoa bears a jade shell and Iron scales with the cool colors of water and the drakes will forming into a new cannon he took back the anchor stopping the extremists from keeping control of the synced restores the beats of the synced and leads them to in time redeem the drakes.
    He now fights these ideologies while proving that the people are not like those leaders who lead the drakes into this situation in the first place.
    Even if the magistrates only sees him as the wielder of their victory.

    Ya if you couldn’t tell makoas kinda the main guy

    You either come into makoas territory,or makoa comes into yours,makoa is unphased by basic melee attacks from flanks/supports and damage champs he ain’t gonna be challenged anytime soon.
    Makoas hook shoots out a bit slower to counteract the fact it doesn’t have to be aimed with the same skill as before,his shield uses a lot of his meter this is counteracted by the fact it is still extremely large and is basically a mobile fortress and his spin now deals multiple hits dealing percent damage.
    makoas hook now doubles as rope for getting around the map when in melee mode since he has no real way of getting around the map for a very minimal amount of meter (replacing his shell spin) and he’s shield becomes a hot pocket burning enemies within it that don’t get the message.
    He’s ult works a bit like it does in strike sending people flying if they get into range easily clearing out a point.
    His immense power comes at the cost of slow speed and large hitbox making long range and evasive shooting a viable option against him,however his ability to real you in block out damage and deal it back makes him a colossal threat .


    Profit is what he likes and talent is what he spies,he is always looking out for the next break out hit,he is convinced that his artists are the best in town and he’ll show you why with an easy two step process
    Step 1:throw a bomb
    Step 2:detonate
    Now you might be saying “how does a bomb survive for over a bajelion years.
    Simple his hair grew faster than his timer ticked down its full proof.
    He made his living selling cars for insanely cheap prices and was the first to discover inter-dimensional travel (how else would he film those commercials)he fights the magistarte because he’s bored and doesn’t see the paladins worthy of blowing up.with his huge bags of money he has bought a bunch of questionable items which quickly made him become the main guy to go to if you want anything anti-magistrate or world threatening.

    Bombking like khan and makoa is mostly untouched concerning his base kit with the only big change being he can’t detonate sticky bombs in the air forcing him to aim properly instead of aimlessly shooting in my general direction pressing right click dealing minimal damage but still doing enough to kill me at 700 health.
    Hes melee attacks are particularly explosive causing an area of effect giving nearby enemies a small amount of percentage.
    In melee mode his poppy bomb is replaced with a suction bomb that sucks everything into it including projectiles and people and most importantly cash,lots of cash.
    His grumpy bomb becomes a fire bomb igniting everyone in its radius when it explodes.

    Remix Strix:
    “What if the Daftpunk man was an assassin”is what inspired this fancy man of the remix kind to take up his fight for what he loves to do.
    Before he served the ones in charged to synch everyone’s rhythm but after seeing what became of a certain edge-lord he saw what his meddling had done and joined the band of paladins in their quest to preserve what defines everyone.
    Why did he call himself strix well that's because he found out after examining ancient artifacts from magistrate past containing the remnants of scattered rhythm he discovered his rhythm had an uncanny resemblance to another belonging to a mostly forgotten sniper.
    He always had a thing for owls,sniping and just liked the name so he took it for his own.
    He also has similar regrets with the syncing and all.
    He is the magistrates top priority as he has all the info on the syncing process as well as being the only one hoping to get him back on there side by any means necessary

    Strix is probably the most different from his original incarnation.
    First off his stealth meter is gone now all stealth abilities are tied to the main meter so when going invisible you’ll be draining your main meter at a constant rate.
    Second is his weapon.
    His weapon uses the alternative lanes to his advantage.instead of sniping horizontally on the same lane when scoped he snipes from different lanes,while he can only snipe from points where the main lane is visible and hes field of vision is very limited when sniping be able to do this is extremely helpful for picking off low health targets or dealing damage to the backline,you can hide from strix by hiding behind the scenery that is in between the lanes to obstruct he’s view.
    you can usually see him in the background or by the indicator on the top right of the screen showing that strix is sniping in your area.
    it has no bullet spread when unscoped but it is a projectile instead when unscoped and deals less damage than when it’s scoped
    Second what was originally used to swap between is now the flare ability.
    The flare itself doesn’t reveal enemies but instead alerts strix when an enemy is in the flares radius giving some skill for prediction and map knowledge or where enemy’s might be approaching from for a small meter cost.
    In melee mode strix uses his pistol to deal percentage damage instead of punching or kicking when using his light attack while heavy and melee attacks are regular melee attacks.
    The flare in melee mode is replaced with a high knock back shot from the pistol that causes enemies to bounce all over the place if they have a high percentage for a more hefty cost than the flare.
    When in melee mode the stealth ability is replaced with one that gives strix some vertical mobility,you dash diagonally while invisible giving room to perch onto sneaky sniper spots or to make a quick get away using a fifth of your meter.
    His ult remains unchanged.

    Taking the name of a mighty war hero and leading a small group of survivors in the dead land tunnels he brings classic tricks to a new era.Unlike everyone else who is loud and proud but what they are and who they are viktor is more reserved in this timeline,he floats to an acoustic tone of warmth and safety,he fights because he has to not because he wants to and carries his calm attitude with him.
    All geared up what appears to be worn down military uniform with the old culture all over in a world where technology and pop-music rules supreme he will bring the old school with a fiery spirit.

    Retaining most of his original kit viktor is still the most user friendly champion around.
    His primary is still rapid fire however it has no bullet spread so accuracy is rewarded tho it has limited range and drains the meter at a slow rate.
    Iron sights extends the range of his gun but drains the meter at double the rate
    His run is still as versatile as ever allowing him to close the distance and his nade is still a great aoe attack oh though it does consume a third of his total meter to avoid spamming mindlessly and to teach players to manage their meter.
    His melee hits give more meter to him than everyone else showing why it's important to melee.
    In his melee mode the grenade becomes a sticky grenade that sticks to any surface (including enemy’s) allowing for more sneaky traps.
    His run becomes a grenade jump to give new players a form of vertical mobility while doing a little damage to himself and enemies in the progress.
    His ult has in sense been nerfed a bit since he has all the meter to use for charging it.

    Viktor is easy to play but hard to master.what you get out of him is up to how much effort your willing to put into players will do decent at him but the good players will do way more with him understanding that his kit is versatile enough to work in any comp.

    Wyvernus (technically drogoz but not really):
    during the great wars the Drake's commented many atrocities such as ransacking taking control of several states and genocide.
    Those are small fry compared to what the magistrate did to them,over knight almost all drakes were hollowed in the syncing process and the ones that survived had the live with their love ones to be no more than living statues,alive and immortal but ultimately dead inside.
    without the need for gold but the past still ingrained in there minds the drakes faced oppression for years to come and were only recently accepted again but only as a race not as a culture.
    many still feel the icy sting of the syncing and one lone drake decided that she had enough.
    Unlike makoa she took what society threw at her and turned it into hatred forming a new faction focused on one thing.
    to make the magistrate and everyone in it suffer.
    before the new paladins even started Wyvernus had grown an army of determined soldiers ready to die for their cause.
    making a suit of armor that gives her flight dawning the symbols of war she will fight with all her might and she will not let anyone forget what the magistrate did.

    Wyvernus is of course a female form of drogoz (the only reason for this is because the damage's were light on the opposite sex) she wears a full suit of armor hiding her face but having a join to open a close the jaw.
    the chest piece has the pluck talent image on it with a black and gold patterning in the style of a turtle shell.
    the wings are segmented and can fold on each other to give more freedom of movement.
    her rocket launcher now has two barrels similar to star slayers guns on the side and the chamber is a enclosed opening the put in more rockets.

    wyvernus is a glass cannon in the chaotic fashion being extremly hard to hit but very easy to take down with good aim.
    the rockets do a lot of damage but are realitivly slow so Wyvernus has the Extra barrels to fire smaller faster rapid fire rockets that deal a lot less damage but give wyvernus better sustain damage than the regular rockets,you can switch between normal and rapid fire rockets with what used to be salvo now called rain cannons,it should be noted rapid fire cannons use the meter at a faster rate and have no aoe.
    in terms of movement Wyvernus is a lot more mobile than drogoz flying more like an airplane than simply hovering in the air when activating thrust giving a very good escape or chase tool
    while still being able to hover when not hovering however it does use a lot of meter so it must be managed carefully.

    In melee mode normal dashes are tripled in speed allowing while also allowing her to dash in all directions and the melee attacks are quick slashes with the claws.
    rain cannons now becomes a spin attack that sprays enemy's with fire.
    thrust now becomes crash,you can only use this ability when grabbing onto an enemy and driving them across the floor.
    if you hit a wall you and you will loose 1/3 of your maximum health as well as your victim.

    her ultimate is still dragon punch and is unchanged.
    Wyvernus brings an anarchistic chaos to the damage class,a glass cannon with boosters strapped stand still is to die and to reign terror is to thrive

    the many traditions and places of the realm are but forgotten to time as technology and war sought an end to most practices.
    despite this there are still many who document these ancient civilizations to learn from their mistakes and to have a better understanding of the world.
    Nal was one of these archaeologists documenting the ancient culture surrounding the snake goddess.
    one day she got the chance to explore the recently discovered jaguar falls thanks to some earthquakes caused by a certain dragon.
    however being the cluts she is she fell down into his den.
    Mal Damba saw into her eyes and saw how much she cared about his culture and decided she will be his chosen.
    with his silver tongue he convinced Nal to help him to revive his people and bring people closer to the spirits than ever before bringing a new age of spirituality to the world.
    oh tough still training under Mal Damba's teachings she is already bringing many to a new way of life without harming a soul.
    however other see her as a threat to their cause and decided to target her failing to realize that Mal Damba taught her more than just how to speak.

    She shares a similar design to mal damba however her costume is much more defined and her eyeholes in the mask are elongated.
    her snake is a mini constrictor wrapping along her whole body from her leg to pelvis finally resting her arm in a relaxed manner instead of mal dambas snake being perked up.

    in terms of gameplay the general kit of mal damba is unchanged since its so good.
    gourd uses a fair bit of meter while the movement ability uses a little less.
    her reload has the constrictor strike at a limited range so no more long range stunning.
    in melee mode her constrictor no longer rests on her arm and instead rises above her head in a aggressive manner,her melee strikes have the snake attack for her in a wide radius doing a decent amount of percentage damage however her attacks have a wind up so they must be timed correctly to connect.

    gourd becomes witchcraft which has her snake be doused in black magic to fear targets that get too often by her snake for a limited time before it can reapplied.
    her movement ability becomes lurker which has her snake pull her to an alternative lane based on the nearest entrance getting her out of combat but drains her meter completely.
    her ult has her summoning Mal damba in his snake form bursting of the ground and fearing

    Neon Demon Grohk:
    During the great war when most of the great hero’s started to fade a certain scientist had preserved the brain of a certain snowman to test his latest runic technology,a fully functional runic skeleton able to harness the weather spirits.
    Like frankenstein before him he used the body’s of other orcs to create a body for the brain.
    However in his old age he did not realize that inserting the brain into this runic shell would bring back the wrath of the weather spirits.
    After 9 strikes the stampeding tortoise himself rose from the dead still carrying the power of the weather spirits and the runic tech he relocated the entire red river orcs to his new domain now rules over stone keep turning it into a lovely place actually,
    There's lots of flowers the castle interior has been expanded and the added lots of Tesla coils to allow the realm to powered up like never before.
    It is said that who ever controlled stone keep controlled everything,while not actually true since the weather spirits don’t actually care however it makes it a prime target for all party’s.
    Those willing to enter will ether be greeted or if your intentions are evil will be trampled by the stampeding tortoise made of snow and dead people.
    Still bound to his old duty’s he brings the thunder fight for freedom

    Grohk is still your friendly neighborhood support/damage hybrid.
    When he overheats he is refunded all the meter he lost shooting but it takes a long while to reload so use it carefully.
    Shock pulse now has a longer deploy time to prevent spamming
    His q is the most effective at getting rid of percentage at a higher rate in exchange for being easily destroy-able at the same time using less meter than other healing moves.
    His ghost walk drains the meter at a insane rate but the meter regen over time to counteract it.
    In melee mode he uses his staff to send electricity into their body’s ready to be shocked by his other abilities.
    His f becomes thunderstorm,it spawns a cloud under grohks feet while in the air to act as a platform exclusively for grohks,it zaps people that have been hit with the staff.
    His q is healing rain which is a moving cloud that goes left to right dropping healing water below to acts as a platform.
    These two ability’s give grohk more chances to outplay his opponents using these platforms to get vertical and horizontal control over the enemy while supply his team with healing and damage.
    His ult is unchanged

    Grobot Grover:
    While every leaf must fall from the tree’s the spirits shall remain restless until natural order was restored.
    Grover had lived a full life and is ready to reincarnate however something from the natural world has now poisoned the land and grover won’t grow in time to prevent this disaster from killing the forests replacing them with fungi which release toxic spores to suffocate the realm.
    Knowing this the magistrate sent out harvesters to collect the toxic substance for use in the war and to counteract the coming plague of spores.
    As one of the harvesters crossed over the little seedling grover chose to take control of the bot using his roots implanting himself into the machine.
    Now rooted in the constructions he hates he must use this new body to fight back the spores and save both the realm and the natural world.

    Grobot is a very heavy hitter.he can deal a lot of damage in good bursts while being defensive with his abilities.
    His main throwing axe can now be charged for a more powerful strike.
    This goes for all of his abilities however the more powerful the strike the more meter it uses.
    His rooting ability now knocks enemy's back,if they hit a wall they will become rooted to the wall for a few seconds,however the projectile is slow and easily avoidable.
    His Q now cleanses status effects for a few seconds depending on how long its charged.
    His vine now has infinite range but has travel time.
    In melee mode grovers basic attacks can’t be charged however they deal a lot of damage and percentage.
    His Q places a flower rooted in gears on the ground cleansing allies who step into its uses quite a bit of meter.
    His Vine becomes a tether allowing him to swing like a wrecking ball or a very edgey Disney star (i am not sorry) dealing health and percent damage when he hits enemy’s.
    His ult remains unchanged

    sHe BBBEe AYUN EYPIK Gmer.

    In all seriousness being one of the last true alchemists in the realm she keeps the artform alive turning what was once brightmarsh into a recreational area for the people to enjoy what was once one of the most renowned skills in the realm.
    However she herself is completely shit at alchemy and gets all her recipes from a certain vulpin from the past,no she can’t do that pip accidentally brought her to his time so we all have him to blame.
    She herself sticks to game making (what you think the pacman was just a coincidence) and trying to convince tourists she is an expert at alchemy.
    After a close friend of hers had made a rebellion against the magistrate she was hunted down forcing her to retreat to the past.
    After some encouragement from pip (in reality pip just wanted her to piss off so that he can continue messing with time) and some new gear to boot she is ready to fight,
    Too bad she has never engaged in a war for self-freedom before.

    While not much has changed on the surface there are a few major changes
    Her potion launcher can now be shot at the ground to launch pepper vertically as if she was rocket jumping while sacrificing health in the process.
    Catalyst now covers enemies in a mixture that explodes in a aoe when shot at by pepper.
    Her health potion heals for less than before but has a low meter cost.

    While in melee mode you can swap between different types of potions to throw with what would normally be the melee buttons and holding down Q,
    You can tap q to release a new potion that can be sprayed on enemies like a flame thrower giving a poison debuff to them or switch to shooting mode to cancel the selection.
    The first potion grants some Meter for allies but not yourself and has a low meter cost.
    The second potion cures all types of status effects but has a high meter cost.
    The final potion is a lot like mal'damba gourd but instead of healing and damaging it gives a defense buff to allies and a debuff to enemies who step on it has a high meter cost.
    Your movement ability in melee mode allows to bounce around the room like a rubber ball bouncing off the walls and ceiling giving a large amount of percentage damage to those you collide.
    Enemies affected by her ult now can flap to get away

    These changes to give Pepper a more supportive role to say to flank pips “hey you know you can get more kills if everyone else softens them up for you” while not down playing her more offensive options.


    Androxus was a huge problem for the magistrate for the longest time,feeding on souls for eternity wasn’t very helpful for a growing empire so they decided he will be the first test of the syncing process.
    It was still experimental at the time and had only been used on animals but the leaders were certain it would be able to rid androxus of his hunger.
    It succeeded but in doing so andros body contorted and shifted into something not even recognizable as alive,just this lifeless mess of parts and faces,rearranging himself to look more human and getting a new wardrobe he works outside the paladins and the magistrate on his own journey to find a way to wekano..
    And finally bring justice to the title “God slayer”

    Andro wears a full jet black suit with green trimming with a grey mask instead of a white one.he carries a guitar scythe with him on his back and his cursed arm is exposed pulsating with the beat yet doesn’t look humanoid like before and instead looks like a mix of coiled snakes and branches interviewing revealing the green mess inside.

    Andro is still the most versatile flank in the game his dash allows him to move through alternate lanes with ease and his weapon has reverted to an highly accurate slow firing automatic
    Revolver and his punch is replaced with harpoon like projectile that will drain enemies of their health and meter restoring andros health however he can only use his revolver when using this ability.
    Andros abilities also drain his meter so drastically that 2 reversals is enough to drain him so he has to rely on switching from shooting to meleeing on a whim if he wants to live
    However his melee mode has many perks to make this easier.
    Andro now wields a scythe which he uses for quick and precise strikes that deal health damage as well as percent damage while giving him guite a bit of his meter back.
    Instead of a grab he uppercuts enemies into the air for aerial slashes.
    if a enemy is at over 300% damage you can use your Q to dash into that enemy and execute them (if your at 300% your pretty much dead) but uses ¾ of his meter
    Your movement ability is changed to into a curved cyclone where he will move 90 degrees going pretty far spinning vertically like hedgehogs do in the wild dealing health/percent damage to enemies he touches while still using ¼ of his meter.
    His ult is unchanged.
    He can be very strong for those who can manage his meter efficiently while going in for those precise slashes or he can be very useless for those who spam reversal and refuse to melee.
    Those who can’t make him waste his meter will be dead in seconds while tanks won’t be too bothered by the idea of an andro coming into melee range.
    One thing is for sure you ether suck or your a god as andro.

    This alley cat goes to way too many parties,usually found passed out in some alleyway during the day but by night she is one funky thieve by night even tho she doesn’t even know it since she’s too plastered to remember.
    Timid and shy to a goddamn party animal with a small dosage of catnip better go out dancing for there is a likelihood of getting a face full of catnip

    Maeve is not very good in paladins,she can’t make use of her mobility because of her poor damage and lack of survivability,so i seek to change that.

    Maeve in this version can use the daggers like boomerangs piercing enemies on the way.these knifes can also backstab for double damage.
    This allows he to be really tricky with her knifes allowing her to make an enemy face a certain direction while taking damage from a another and allows maeve to focus more on dodging attacks to not die horribly.
    Pounce now allows maeve to latch onto a target,than hold attack to deal a charged powerful burst or spam attack to deal a lot of strikes in a short amount of time.
    Her nine lives ability has been changed so that instead of resetting cooldowns(since there are no cooldowns) it will it allow her to catch projectiles mid air and then throw them back at the enemy (she is a thieve after all) this ability has a short window of opportunity like pyros airblast so you have to be good at timing.
    Prowler now allows meave to walk on hazards without taking damage.
    When in melee mode her dodging skills increase immensely and she is more crouched making her hard to hit while he strikes come extremely fast making her excellent at toying with slower frontlines who hit hard but slowly.
    Nine lives becomes skydive,maeve shoots into the air than falls to the ground with her knifes out ready to impale someone below, if she hits her target they will loose a good chunk of their health.
    Prowler becomes crawler allowing maeve to wall jump and wall climb for a short period of time.

    In any war the youngly's are the one most likely to be persuaded to fight.knowing this the magistrate sent in their top spy as a high school student to start syncing the students.
    Born into a family that has fallen from noble hood she had to claw her family back up to where they were long ago.
    Taking the mantle of the one who caused their family to fall her silver tongue can make anyone betray their loved ones.

    Sky is bad lets move on to her kit to make it less bad.
    Her primary fire now shoots in spurts of 6 needles and does a little bit of poison damage.
    The first shot from her poison bolts now deal damage based on how much percentage an enemy has lowest being 5 percent of their hp up to 20% (the target has to have a high amount of percentage to do 20%) while the poison bolts use only a little bit of meter.
    Her smoke bomb now blinds enemies that are inside it from the outside world and allows skye to ghost through the enemies in the radius for easy dodging making close quarters combat easy but uses a good chunk of meter.

    Her invisibility has been replaced with a grapple that allows skye to stick to surfaces as well as get around the map like grover does while opening up sneaky positions to jump unsuspecting players for a moderate amount of meter .
    In melee mode her strikes deal poison to the enemy allowing her to get a hit in a safely dodge while still doing damage.
    Her smoke bomb becomes a poison gas in melee mode that poisons enemies that stay in the cloud for to long,the gas no longer blinds enemies but uses more meter than the smoke bomb.
    Her movement ability in melee mode allow her to turn invisible while in the air and jump off walls.
    Her ult has been Changed to completely fill a area with toxic gas that only dissipates by leaving a dome or by killing the skye or risk getting suffocated to death.
    Ima be honest you can’t fix skye.

    Prototype K.O.G.A:
    The Kill Orientated Glass Android conceptually is a low cost high reward assassin that is able to operate without a person controlling it.
    in order to do this the mechanics had to give its own rhythm so that it could truly have a mind that could properly use the skills that it needs.
    so they decided that the only logical thing to do was to use the rhythm of the highly hot headed probably depressed and definitely a virgin ninja known as "the lost hand" who's body had been recovered earlier with his master's locked into an stance of combat mid death.
    of course when they went to test it the robot went rouge and began an epic conquest of booze's and debauchery.

    Gameplay wise Koga actually has a lot to work with due to the nature of his it,the switching mechanic already gives us kogas melee movement ability and his legendary card "adrenaline junky" can be incorporated into his kit.
    concerning that Koga's melee mode doesn't gain meter so you have to use your VERY LOW DAMAGE smg's to gain meters to use your claws to shred properly (yes the claws have a purpose here).
    what would of been the ability to swap between the claws is now a way for koga to think hes cool and use the twin smg's to shot in two directions gaining double the energy if he is shooting two targets for even less damage,its still basically a stance swap.

    in melee mode kogas claws will use meter at an insane rate but kill faster than anyflank which is countered by the fact he has the lowest health and gains percentage faster.
    he also has a stance switch in this mode that allows him to use his claws like he does now for more energy or go full wolverine to conserve energy.
    of course the one move no one uses has been made less useless,instead of draining all his meter it only drains a third of his meter while also getting a range buff.
    everything else is basically unchanged

    Characters revolving entirely in the lore:
    His greed finally got the better of him,after the first war the people of the magistrate decided to dump their gold into one single cavern in an attempt to lure the stupid lizard into a trap,this place being the deepworks.
    Not resisting this opportunity this gives he relocated his entire horde there as well only to be trapped in this elaborate tomb just for him.
    Oh though he should of perished but thanks to the gold he had his ego boomed as well as his size beating out even the largest of winged wyverns.
    He borrowed into the realms core creating caverns upon caverns shifting continents as he go returning to the same place he was trapped he had gathered every single piece of gold left in the realm while simultaneously creating an underground ecosystem .
    His greed finally satisfied he rests peacefully on his gold pile with nothing to do but to sleep.

    Doesn’t stop the magistrate in trying to use him as a weapon tho he ain't having any of their shit.

    Everything is pips fault,he was the one to find out how crystals can be used to sync,he made pepper into what we know today and he pretty much doomed the universe by creating an unknown amount of paradoxes.
    If its a problem it was probably pips fault.

    After the great evil he predicted was defeated he returned to the stars before the war ended.
    exploring everything the universe had to offer his legacy like many others fading with time.
    However he was no alone in the cosmos as more and more people had started to ascend to the heavens with him and they all moved to a higher plane of reality..

    She is still somewhere in the realm,vanquishing the last bits of the abyss that still remain in this world.making sure evil does not rule again,she may join the paladins soon considering what the magistrates doing oh though only time will tell.

    He blew himself up not realizing self damage was turned on.
    Nobody mourned his loss.

    Just like any preacher of gods he eventually succumbed to his physical limits however due to his deeds for the snake goddess she reincarnated him as a giant serpent to rule over the frog isles/jaguar falls and serpent beach.
    however he is not happy at-least not anymore,he is now free from wekanos curse he can truly reflect on the crusades hes been on,how all the suffering he caused lead to nothing.
    a fruitless en-devour as wekaono is all but forgotten these days.
    hiding away in the ruins he watches as everything decays the land overgrown and the seas engulfing the beach and the people never coming back.
    one day he saw a young archaeologist document the ruin's in great detail before slipping and falling into his den.
    seeing the chance to bring a new dawn to his people and to redeem himself he convinced the archaeologist to help him on a new crusade of not war but peace to allow people to join as they will and see the glory of the spirits.

    Everyone else you loved:
    They ether died a very long time ago or in the case of terminus pretending to be dead.
    The paladins lost the war before and had to submit their crystals making the magistrate the most powerful empire the realm had ever known.
    The hero’s of the magistrate were long remembered while the paladins faded from memory.
    And it was all PIPS fault.

    Stones Creep:
    Taking residence here is torvalds creation.supplying the entire realm with energy for their continued use of not crystal powered technology using a totem inside the castle and Tesla coils to make sure the power network doesn’t explode from the weather's spirit's electrical energy.
    The torrential rainfall and the the power of the totem also grew a amazing garden facing towards the cliff face.

    Stones creep is the most normal map with only platforming,spikes,and deathpits being the only true hazards.
    The main lane goes through the garden with flowers acting as platforms along the way.
    It cuts straight through the old flanking route and into the new area.
    This new area is full of vines wrapped around tesla coils as the cart spirals down with multiple layers.
    This leads to the new spawn with a larger than normal totem on the side with the teams spawn being just above it with the payload path above acting as a platform to jump up and down on.
    The old spawn room is now an alternative lane filled with overgrown thorns and very few platforms that require precise timing to get across.this route goes all the way around the main point and is the shortest alternative lane but is the most dangerous.
    The old spawn itself looks over the main payload route.
    What was the castle now hosts the giant totem conducting the lighting in the castle.
    It spins around giving temporary platforms to use since the stairway has been removed.
    The totem has platforms rotating around for extra bit of mobility when fighting.
    The main point has gusts of wind lifting players up or pushing them down on the ground and effecting the path of projectiles.

    This map is more designed to be a very linear map with not too many crazy things happening at once and no real strange occurances to surprise players making a consistent playing space while also introducing mild gimmicks so that new players can get used to environmental hazards.

    marsh offices:
    A place now transformed into a recreational area for alchemy and the location of bright marsh studios which makes games founded by a certain blue vulpin.
    This place is also place to an unknown amount of paradoxes just outside its borders causing a high amount of anomalies to occur in a short span of time.
    Many claim they can see balls of liquid come out of nowhere than only to explode seconds latter or a strange vulpin coming in and out of these portals.
    The magistrate originally only wanted to capture pepper to get information on the new makoa to use against him however they changed their plan so that they can shut off these portals before the situation gets worse.
    while the paladins still need them open for the crystals that the old paladins can provide.
    Anyway the outcome of this battle will probably be pips fault.

    The spawn areas are the exit and entrance points to the marsh,one side being dedicated to the history of alchemy and the other being the making of alchemy.the main building is the place where the development of the games takes place however the control point is in fact on top of the building instead where a huge time anomaly has opened up raining tiny bits of evil mojo.

    Its only a tiny bit of evil mojo so shooting it will prevent you from becoming a chicken for a split second however you can choose to not shoot it in the slight chance you can catch an enemy off guard allowing your team a swift kill.the spawning of this mini evil mojo is not random and is not a frequent threat making it easy to not notice it coming in.
    Portals around the map will teleport you to separate lanes allowing for sneaky flanks or extra creative environmental kills.
    Danger is now its own mini lane and experiences no anomaly’s giving a temporary safe space for those ducking out into cover.
    The flanking route that is usually exclusive for andro now has platforms for all flanks but this area is a paradox nightmare with projectiles of all kinds popping in and out as well as the threat of a death pit with a portal leading to instant death.
    Some of the projectiles include:
    Drogoz spit and rockets causing an explosion
    Grohks lighting spinning around.
    Makoas cannon balls
    And pips/peppers catalyst.

    This map is less focused on platforming and more about the players ability to dodge evade both the enemy and the environment itself.positioning is key to not die instantly and promotes teamwork since there is a lot of opportunities to save a teammate or to combo with them.

    Wet works (Frozen guard):
    Alas even the paladins world isn’t invincible to the threats of global warming.
    Bombking saw a way to make a quick buck off of this place and decided to make a theme park using the locally melted ice for his pools.
    This place has also been subject to underground magma creating a perfectly safe environment for the whole family to enjoy.
    Both major parties weren’t really bothering anybody and just wanted a break from the fighting.
    However being extremely patriotic broke in a dug into the pools looking for oil rumored to be under the pools accidentally confusing everyone that the other was attacking causing a big fight.
    As for everyone else:
    Andro needed an artifact that’s currently on display here
    Grover is trying to reform the ice here
    And Bombking is trying extort everyone with the gift shop.

    This map has two layers.the top layer is the ice mines we all know and love with a water park aesthetic while the second layer is a underground volcanic tour.
    One spawn is the entrance while the other is the midway gift shop before the volcanic tour and outside each spawn the payload cap point is ether a kiddy pool or a nice spa.
    The main control point is a giant sand castle with a water slide on each side.
    Taking the slide will shoot you out onto the building where the payload goes under which has been converted into a rooftop cafe.
    The payload path is a pathway with two cracks running along it,jumping down reveals a underground cavern spanning most of the map which is mostly narrow with the one exit for anyone without amazing vertical mobility is below the cliff face outside of the main capture point which is now a look out station.
    The lava caves themselves have lava of course so when you touch it you take damage however the path is mostly linear so there shouldn’t be much problem unless you get attacked.
    The area near the cliff face is a now a mini surfboarding pool with artificial waves.get caught in the waves and its all the way to the bottom for you.

    Again a very simple map however this gives a very high amount of flanking options for all classes and since the only environmental hazard is lava players can focus more on fighting the enemy than watching where they step while also giving a unique layer element to the map

    Side note:after careful thinking i have become obsessed with the idea of the hero's and villain's taking a break to splash around like children while a greedy business man extorts them for all their money with the gift shop.
    Damn’t now i want to dedicate an entire section just doing a cringey written section detailing how this event played it.
    Help me.

    welp thats it give feedback on this miss.
    or steal it,not that you would want to go upvote it here (some people really do not like it)
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    Hey, Robotranic probably has an awesome suggest-

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    ive spent a week designing this

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    Quote Originally Posted by robotranic View Post
    ive spent a week designing this
    Don't let my meme fool you, I have read everything and I lowkey gave an opinion, your suggestion is pretty awesome.
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    Quote Originally Posted by robotranic View Post
    ive spent a week designing this
    A Week ._. dude you have a lot of free time.
    Venezuelan guy that loves Paladins and its community
    Da rules

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    thanks mate

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    Quote Originally Posted by M0NT4GN3 View Post
    A Week ._. dude you have a lot of free time.
    some say i have too much free time

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    i found more time to add fernando or more specifically FN 01 helios

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    You have my respect.
    For me is.... YES!


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    Quote Originally Posted by coremaxp1 View Post
    You have my respect.
    For me is.... YES!


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