Hey guys, I am looking for a team to play scrims with.

Here is some important information about me:
- As I am typing this I am #23 in grandmasters with 242tp and a 60% winrate.
- I play on Playstation 4 in the EU servers.
- I am avaible from 6pm - 11pm CET monday to friday
- I am avaible from 1pm - 11pm CET saturday and sunday

- I mainly play frontlines
- My main frontline is terminus, I've been consistently hovering between the #10 - #30 terminus
this split on the championleaderboards. He is by far the frontline i perform the best with.
- I play khan effectively as a strong pick, and a counter to other frontlines.
- I play makoa effectively, as a strong pick and a counter to other frontlines.
- I don't play inara a whole lot nowadays because I hate her lategame due to her cauterise
weakness, however I used to play her lots back in the day and whenever i play her I can still
make her work.
- I play fernando and have a long history with him. However I find he's falling off with all the
vivians and lians nowadays.
- While I don't believe barik performs well in the current meta, I can play him.
- I don't play ash but I'm trying to learn her as of recently
- I can play torvald, but I don't consider him a frontline at all. In my opinion he is a support and
the moment he tries touching a point he becomes a useless meathshield out in the open.
- I don't play ruckus for he is more of a damage orientated frontliner which isn't really my style.

- I am the type of frontline that likes to contest for the point and this is my focus in most of my games. this doesn't mean i can't be agressive as a frontline. This just means that I usually have the other frontline be more agressive, while I'm more defensive.

While I don't invest much time into other roles. I can slightly flex into some champions outside the frontline list. These are champions such as:

- The main damage champion that I perform really well with nowadays is viktor. It's, in my
opinion, stupid how safe you can play with him and still pump out an easy 200k+ damage a
- The other damage champion that I can flex into is vivian, for similair reasons as viktor. My
damage isn't as high with as my damage is with viktor though.
- I used to play a lot of lian back in the day, but I haven't touched her for a while since I started
investing my time into frontlines. I am trying to get back into her and Death and Taxes from the
start is great. However my overall damage with her per game is still lackluster.
- We don't talk about how bad I am with blasters and snipers.

- If I were to play a support right now I would preferably play grover. He is in my opinion by far
the best healer right now as long as your team plays around grouping up with him.
- I can play seris, though I dislike her.
- I really loved playing furia when she was released, but she has really fallen off after all the
nerfs. If you are wiling to invest time into optimising communication around her beams then I'd
love to play her though.
- I can play jenos, I just don't believe he works in most comps nowadays. His passive healing is
good for an offensive comp, but it goes at the cost of your frontline's sustain.

- I don't play flanks.

I hope to have informed you enough with all this information.
If you have further questions or are interested in me then feel free to hit me up on psn: Willem_333