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Thread: Looking for a Ranked Buddy EU

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    Looking for a Ranked Buddy EU

    Im just gonna copy paste that from my Steam Discussion cause im bit to lazy to rewrite/change everything again

    Hey as the title says im looking for a ranked buddy that wants to play ranked of course or even little Tournaments like 2v2´s or 3v3´s.

    About Myself

    I´m 19 years old/young depends on your perspective

    Living in austria so i can also speak german if you can aswell that will be nice.
    Of course i also speak english so communication wont be a problem.

    I play this game since about cb20 cant remember what patch exactly but its was about 4-5 before Viktor came out.

    IGN: XaDaTV
    My Account is lvl 305+ 86 days ingame playtime (not afk in the menu and the timeplayed on steam is not true aswell since i played the game alot without steam)
    Current Rank: Diamond 3 (i was Master in all Seasons)

    This Season is somewhat of bad luck mixed with bad players ^^
    Like i got a lvl 24 player with a lvl 2 Grohk in my team.
    Minimum lvl to play ranked should be raised to about lvl 50... anyway!

    My best Champs


    Bomb King, Drogoz, Viktor, Lian, ShaLin, Cassie


    Androxus, Evie, Zhin


    Makoa, Barik, Ruckus, Fernando


    MalDamba, Seris, Ying



    -Minimum Rank of Diamond 5

    -have all Champs and atleast 2-3 champs you can play of each class

    -prefer a minimum lvl of 100-150 so i know you have some experience

    -Reasonable / Not Flaming / Not Childish

    -Any age is fine as long you fit the reasons above but i still prefer 16+ ^^

    hmm i think that´s enough
    just comment on this post if i woke your interest or send me a friend request ill answer as soon as possible thank ya
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    i private msged you

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