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Thread: Reporting really isn't doing anything

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    I vote for the block list. But the possibility not to join a game (at least in ranked) without getting the deserter would be great.
    Sometimes you simply don't have the time to stop the queue and you need to go to the damn toilet!
    I've finally found it!

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    "It's just Casual/ Go Ranked if you want a decent team/You are low tier, so you're bad." Rage

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kragoth26 View Post
    This is called role que and ... just kiddin...
    I think the decline in Population is due of games like "Fortnite", because ... I can play alone (the hero) against all others (the n00bs), so - my "fun (or eager to become really good)" does not depend on the quality of my team! (It's all about the statement in mine signature ... *cough* MM!).

    OK - give us a "quick-start-option (casual)" if you want to experiment with setting/cards, a new champion or be a n00b/tr0ll, warm up - and so on, but - also give us a "ranked-modus" what is worthy to carry the title "RANKED". The system ("MM" *a-final-hint @ Evil Mojo/HiRez) does not separate the players by personal skills ...

    (Even I myself will never become "a real grandmaster", still - I would fancy a game (match) - to be in a team and put against a team with players with a (very) similar skill level. Like approx. 2 years ago: (at least) 20 minutes long "siege matches", I have won and lost many of them, but - it was a real "fight/match" ... now we are done in most cases within 10 minutes!)
    I do not want any new skins; I want team mates with skills!
    Not gonna waste my talents anymore on improving the game of Paladins!


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