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Thread: November Rage Thread

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    Oh my goodness. Is it difficult to realize that rushing the point against 5 high-damage champs is a bad idea? I took Seris for the first time in like a year, and our Makoa would not listen no matter how many times I said "we should flank and kill a squishy or two before rushing point, or else we're sitting ducks". I watched him rush right to point, dismount, and die in a second or two again and again. Even the rest of the team agreed with me that we needed to flank, and Makoa just said Dredge should spam the point and I should heal from afar and he could hold the middle. That's not how it works when he's getting sniped by Strix, and I'm getting flanked by Skye. I didn't have a damage loadout at all, but I still got more kills than he did (and more elims too), and I didn't even perform *well* that game. Ughhh.
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    Went into a random casual match and the map was that tiny island one (forgot its name) so I picked Grover to heal with since it's so small. Everyone else picked Khan, Ruckus, Andro, Viktor. Enemy team had Cassie, Ying, Makoa, Torvald, Lian.

    First round went great. We caught, made the push, hooray.. blahblah.

    Second round, we caught. Things are going well. We get right near their base with 30 or so seconds left. Andro dies, but it looks like we're still gonna make it.. and then Khan ran towards Makoa who was standing on a ledge next to the edge.. like a fish to a baited hook. I say "It's a trap!".. he backs off, but it's too late. plop. Me, Ruckus, Viktor against 5? Not happening. I Vine&run and the other 2 slowly scattered too. I make it back to the midway platform and a near dead Ruckus joins me. Viktor died. Andro joins us and Khan is not far behind. Andro went in early and just sort of.. died. Ruckus, half health, followed him.. >_> long-short; we don't get past the mid-point and the round ends there. No problem. It's still 3-1. We can win this.

    Third round.. enemy catches. We defend pretty well, until Torvald uses his ult and blows me and.. well, just me, actually.. only I get blown off the edge because I was trying to heal Viktor who was getting gunned down from the flank path and the ult just happened to get me in the 0.1s that I left cover. The rest of the team slowly gets wiped, we all respawn/regroup and the cart is inches away from making the push.. a couple of ults later from nearly every player (and one missed ult by me, allowing our Khan to die by mere milliseconds while I dance like an idiot -_-) we actually managed to defend.. noice. Very noice. 3-2.

    Round 4. We get team wiped pretty quickly, regroup and go back in. They're at about 60% and we team wipe them. everyone rushes up to stall them.. leaving me to catch the point, unable to heal them.. it's going fine though, we get to 80%.. 85%.. 90%.. 93%.. oh.. our team got wiped and I get squished. Enemy catches before I respawn; 3-3, they're making the push. We stall them on the first corner until overtime, eventually everyone except me and Viktor dies and they get half way to the 2nd corner where the entire team groups up to stall them.. we eventually all die.. I could've used my ult to save us, but I thought 'we've been in overtime for a VERY LOoooOng time now and the round took so long for them to catch. It will probably end soon, so I'll save it for the last round' ..and then, the most BULLSHIT WTF MOMENT happens. They push the entire way to the end before anyone even respawns. We lose. Overtime did not go down even a single inch.. is this a glitch or what? It's not the first time I've experienced a seemingly endless overtime.

    Most annoying part is that we lost because of me. I only used 2 ults the whole game, missed 1 of them and neglected to use one on the last round because I thought their time would expire and even if it didn't, we would respawn and stall them. ofc, I was wrong.
    Still got the most healing I've ever had though. 34k damage, 304,506 heals with 3/3/28 kda while Ying got 30k damage, 3/5/24 and 279,012 heals.
    Lian got 223,469 damage and had the cauterize talent w/ Wrecker. Cassie got 165,999 damage. Viktor got 177,625 damage. Andro went 10/13/14 kda with 101,723 damage. cbb to mention the others, but they all did alright.

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    Overtime will not go down as long as there is an enemy around payload.
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