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Thread: New classes

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    New classes

    Some of classes i would quickly think of and would be awesome see some skills on new incoming champs.


    Name: Negan

    - Bat and shield

    - Left-click Spiked Bat Bash melee (700 Damage)

    - Alternative Shield Lore Mode ( Can knockback enemies 2 feets away from shield )

    - right-click Fight-Cage Creates Gates around players to (Trap players inside area)

    - (Q) Shield lore (Swaps to Shield and can no longer use weapon (5 Seconds cooldown)

    - (F) Break Point (Builds himself inside destroyable castle-Object on map with "3500 Health" and restores his full health after 7 seconds survived inside castle otherwise dies)

    - (E) Shield Lore Ultimate Mode:
    Moral Warcry (Grants 15% Shield of player's full health and 15% damage increased for 6 Seconds affects all players of team)
    - (E) Bat Lucelle's Ultimate Mode:
    Lucelle's Moment (Sends his bat to hit randomly 3 players in a game and causing 1200 damage to each player )


    Name: Beth the undead

    Weapon Dagger

    Left-click Throw Dagger dealing 450 damage
    Right-Click Immbolize dagger Stab (undead control spell player's cant fire your allies for 3 seconds)
    - (Q) Blood sacrifice (Takes 25% of beths full health and turns it into shield, cant be stacked)
    - (F) Blood release (Explodes Blood Nova causing healing reducing to 90% and damages current sacrifices amount % of maximum 600 damage to every player hit by it)
    - (E) Cold Soul (Weapon will cause now Freezing damage when hit enemy movement speed decrease by 50% and haunting players after to cause lose 150 life per second for 7 seconds


    - Enni

    Pistol and Art

    - Pistol 500 damage caused when hit
    - (R-click)Alchemist's Prisma (Place 4 marks in different areas of map and after release marks will activate 2 laserwall lines across 4 marks (cause 700 damage and knockback)
    - (Q)Philosopies Stone (Earthquake to imbolize and cause bleed 200 damage every second enemies for 2 seconds(cooldown:10 Seconds)
    - (F)Golden Golem (Enchance skin to gold and powers up with high-rate speed pistol for 4 seconds(cooldown: 15 seconds)
    - (E)Soul Exchange ( Exchanges current health's with enemy's targeted)


    - Sion


    - Shoots Arrow
    - Multi-shot (shoots multiple arrows 8 Split arrows are shot to damage players wide in front
    - Decoy (creates up to 3 decoys of yourself (ones with animated shooting like)and it explodes near enemy unless destroyed and informates about enemy)
    - Guided Arrow Hits enemy if spots one during arrow flight and follows enemy to hit and explodes.

    Crazy Hag

    Throws Bouncing Frogs to enemies (after launched frogs infront starts jumping in direction which shooted and explodes)
    Stalk (Crazy hag jumps on enemy's shoulders and leeches 100 life per second lasts 5 Seconds)
    Bad Boy (Disables Enemy from moving 3 seconds)
    Darkling (casts darksphere to curse enemy if activated, Enemy takes 10% increased damage for 3 seconds afterwards if enemy hit with darkling gets hit within 6 seconds)
    - Tarot (the odds casts curse mark on players in curse area which can cause stunning / damage / death with rolls of dice and fortune)



    (L-Click) Sword Melee
    (R-click) Nurzering: Patches wounds which heals 1000 life cooldown 5 seconds /melee range
    (Q)Thorns: Enemies take damage 20% of all damage caused when they cause damage to party members with thorns activated.
    (F)substitute healer : Grants to party member passive Healing ability to heal players within ? feet, 200 life per second lasts 7 Seconds (15 Seconds)
    (E)Back to business: creates Ports of heaven infront of every party member to let group teleport to Maribel's side

    The General:

    (L-click) Artillery Bomb (click to mark areas with high-rate Artillery bomb hits land after a second to ground causing 450 dmg //this is like Viktor's ulti but not supposed to be like viktor's ulti but as basic command which needs of enemy target to click and wait, think of viktor upgraded with more power authorited skills//
    (R-Click) Pistol (One-shot with 4 second cooldown cause enemy 1000 dmg if hit)
    Call Back (disables weapons from everybody for 2,5 Seconds to fall back)
    Sulfa (spread poisonous gas to come behind you as you walk ahead, (slows enemy for 35% and insystem bleeding cause 170 damage per second)
    Cleansing (every enemy player is in the black list and can be seen by everyone also cleansing will make them more vulerable for incoming attacks and cause to get increased damage - 5% to 30% stacks up 6 times when is hit by party member. lasts 10 seconds)
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    Wow. Each and every one of those are worse than the ones before. Like, those really are the worst ideas I've ever heard.
    Thank you for not ruining the main part of Terminus. If this is how balancing is going to go, with specifically targeting the main complaints within PTS, I'm excited for what the future holds.


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