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Thread: Are CC based support talents the worst thing to pick?

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    Are CC based support talents the worst thing to pick?

    You generally have your pure support talents, CC or damage talents on supports, taking damage is starting to feel like the no brainer when you're the second support and fancy having some extra damage to help your team instead of going on the pure healing side, I've been often taking talents like grovers root that also bounces to nearby enemies, but everytime I pick these talents (even Jenos void grip cripple) I just end up feeling like dead weight because it turns into a no brainer for the enemy team to just take Resilience and kill off any real impact you might have otherwise made, it doesn't matter if you have a build dedicated to your cripple with cooldowns and what not simply down to the simple fact that resiliance exists in this game.

    Is this just me thinking this? I honestly think Hi-Rez need to fine-tune how resiliance works vs talents somehow, or just remove talents such as this, because if you as a player can completely nulify the one thing that the enemy support has with one of the cheapest cards in game, the game has effectively turned into a 4v5.

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    If you force resilience to the enemy it means that they do not pick other staff. Your job is done by destroying their economy.

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    It depends on the support in question, essentially.
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    I look at legendaries as which 1 is best for any or most situations vs those that can be easily countered, Yes deep root can be countered with res and that's how its designed, if your team chooses to get res to solely stop your CC and your team doesnt have any other way to deal CC, than the team your CC'ing deserves to loss the game because that 1sec root isnt going to get a team whip, just holds em in place for a moment. Same thing applies to jenos, Celestial touch can be easily countered with caut. 99% of the games i play, the enemy team has caut which will shut down your 10% burst heal to do only 1% where as with luminary, this trait cannot be countered, yes caut can slow down the HoT but you cannot counter 15% bonus dmg unless hi-rez decides to make a hero that can apply buff removals/steals on enemy players and cleanses on allies. Only way I can possibly think Luminary can be countered is with haven and blast shield...but that's something that should be in practically any game but regardless, you cannot stop 15% bonus dmg from slamming you in the face. Lets look at tyra's hunting party as another example, The only REAL way to counter this is to have a cleanse of your own and most hero's dont have that so whatever target tyra marks, thats 25% bonus dmg for the next 6 secs. This is how I look at legendaries and determine which 1's are good and which 1's are not worth taking or building a loadout for.

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    Not always necessary to buy resilense. Tankadins can use layout cards for stun block. 1 enemy unit with ability to do CC usually not a problem, if it's not Torvald.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GeSteYiam View Post
    If you force resilience to the enemy it means that they do not pick other staff. Your job is done by destroying their economy.

    Also, and I mean no disrespect by this, Git Gud!
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    I still think that loadout cards/talents that allow full or high CC immunity are becoming a bit too common...
    On the other side, a tank (Inara), a DD (Tyra) and a flank (Evie) have crippling effect, for which Resilience is not useful. So, the support, with already shitty dmg output, see his/her own CC potential removed, while champs that can rely on more HP/dmg/mobility have a FAR STRONGER CC effect that can't be countered.
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    In tdm cripple jenos is pretty annoying to fight against (unless ofc you have 70% ccr)

    Also in casuals snake toss dmg damba is pretty insane in the hands of someone who's good at tossing his stuns (some people go double healer so the damba could go with this talent).

    That's all i got lul
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    Agony Seris is really annoying to fight against
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