You generally have your pure support talents, CC or damage talents on supports, taking damage is starting to feel like the no brainer when you're the second support and fancy having some extra damage to help your team instead of going on the pure healing side, I've been often taking talents like grovers root that also bounces to nearby enemies, but everytime I pick these talents (even Jenos void grip cripple) I just end up feeling like dead weight because it turns into a no brainer for the enemy team to just take Resilience and kill off any real impact you might have otherwise made, it doesn't matter if you have a build dedicated to your cripple with cooldowns and what not simply down to the simple fact that resiliance exists in this game.

Is this just me thinking this? I honestly think Hi-Rez need to fine-tune how resiliance works vs talents somehow, or just remove talents such as this, because if you as a player can completely nulify the one thing that the enemy support has with one of the cheapest cards in game, the game has effectively turned into a 4v5.