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I think the current event is quite exciting, actually. Current boss drop-rates are murder, but it made it all the sweeter when I heard that wolf howl and the words, "The Wolf-Man is here!" I legit freaked-out.
That being said, I do feel sorry for all my fellow players who don't have the free time to put in the hours to get that sweet limited Ying Banshee skin and have to fork out 1000 crystals on top of the ones they already dropped on the Death Speaker bundle.
I foresee a lot of hard choices having to be made between the Full-Moon bundle and Banshee.
It's nice that it's exciting for you but it's just boring and/or incredibly frustrating for a lot of us. And there's no way I'm forking out 1k credits per alt skin. I'd rather just not get them. I'm not rewarding HiRez for this crappy event.