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Thread: Hello everyone!

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    Hello everyone!

    New player to Paladins and wanted to say hey and also get some info if you that's OK!

    I tried Paladins yesterday during the Xbox Live Gold free play days, so I got to try loads of the otherwise locked Champions and I really enjoyed playing loads of the Champions, especially Furia!

    How does Paladins work in terms of unlocking content (like skins etc?) It doesn't seem similar to Overwatch in that regard. Is everything behind a paywall? I would be interested in buying the Champion pass thing but does that still mean I have to buy Crystals to open loot boxes and battle passes to access further content?

    Sorry if this is the wrong thread to ask this, I've tried looking around for a good explanation but can't really get the answers I'm looking for!


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    Welcome! Furia is an awesome character. I really like her ultimate.

    Paladins is a free to play game, so you'll encounter more paywalls here than you would in Overwatch unfortunately. Skins are generally unlocked via gold, crystals, champion mastery, and the battle pass. Admittedly you'll find the higher quality stuff behind a paywall, most of the time.

    If you purchase the champion pass you'll acquire every champion in the game, and the gold you've spent purchasing champions in the past will be refunded to you. You do still have to buy crystals in order to open boxes and the battle pass.

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