So one of Furia's biggest floors with her Solar Blessing card is allies needing to catch the damn thing.
SOOO MANY TIMES has some Furia player ranted at me to catch the beam for healing.

Fun Fact... Players do not have eyes at the back of their head.

Scream all you want, if I need to expertly press M1 and continue to look at my enemy to kill them, I will do just that. Turning around is for the weak.

Quite often the healing ray swings amiss if the frontline does not need that kind of healing, if they are mobile, strafing enemy fire, or running the hell into or away from the enemy.

This does cause some annoyance while playing as I feel its a bit iffy as a Healing Function, unless the Furia Calls out to you, you have no idea it's coming near you.

The Solution:
Rework Lazer heals and Lazer stops on enemy to:

Solar Blessing
Solar Ray can be stopped remotely whilst travelling.

This will allow Furia to stop the activated beam herself and not have to hit an ally to trigger, this will create an "effective" healing talent. This ability already has much strength through walls and ceilings. But making it have a controlled stop, would turn it into a very strong choke point harassment/zoning tool.

But in order to balance it I'd reduce its duration a fraction.