Dark Tides
1.6 Update Notes

Welcome aboard Update 1.6, Champions! We hope you’re not afraid of ghosts…

The Abyss has claimed a new Champion to fight in their ageless war – Dredge, Admiral of The Abyss. His resurrection has also brought forth some unsightly horrors from the depths who are tearing open portals into players matches. The Dark Exchange will make it worth your time to purge these Abyssal Echos from the Realm.

This is our biggest update of 2018, so if you’re short on time here is our tl;dr Update Highlights

  • NEW Champion: Dredge
  • NEW Event: Dark Tides
  • NEW Map: Marauder’s Port
  • NEW Cosmetics (31 of them!)
  • NEW Feature: Deal of the Day
  • Sound Mix Improvements
  • Console Aim Assist Refinements
  • Hi-Rez Expo Balance Adjustments
  • Skin Texture Improvements
  • The Little Box of Horrors Returns

You can read the full update notes for 1.6 here: https://www.paladins.com/news/1-6-up...tes-dark-tides