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Thread: Hello! Im InfernalSeris, Nice to meet you!

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    Hello! Im InfernalSeris, Nice to meet you!

    Hello everyone! I havent introduced myself to the forums yet and I decided to do so now. My ingame name is InfernalSeris and im known by a good amount of players to be a Drogoz one-trick. I been on a good amount of Paladins Content Creator channels (JayFlare, Kami, etc) mainly due to how much of my life I put into the game. By that I mean a good 6+ hours a day at least. I take this game seriously which of I admit causes me to be toxic sometimes. [Sorry to those who I yelled at ;-;].

    Alright lets tell you a bit more about me.. I live in a storage shed with my parents, sister, 2 dogs, and 3 cats. We are over 17k in debt thanks to mother loosing her disability after a Doctor in the hospital lying in the records about her condition. Now since thats a bit personal, lets move onto something easier.. I am a 16 year old female, taken by my lovely BoomSenpai (PlushyMakoaWaifu). I am a Drogoz and Seris (obviously) main. I live in United States, Montana. I am currently Plat 2 in the game, used to be Diamond but I got the good ol Loosing streaks. I will love to play with more people, just send a friend request and I will always accept it. I join most parties as long as you dont send me one everyday or annoy me about it. I cant wait to meet you all ingame, and on the forums!

    Oh yes, I have borvik hostage. Give me all of your crystals.
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    Quote Originally Posted by xXTwinkiePieXx View Post
    Oh yes, I have borvik hostage. Give me all of your crystals.
    I have 390 crystals (which is just ten under enough what I need to get me my Buck skin ;-; ). And no one here is going to pay for my release Kek

    Life needs to get better for you though You're a good person so just keep your head high
    Good to see you here though, gaining levels off that early join date lol
    Have fun and enjoy (can't say welcome because you joined before me feelsbad)
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