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Thread: How to make Ying great again

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    How to make Ying great again

    Illusory Mirror
    Now has the focusing lens effect built in the basic kit.
    Her basic attack is one of the weakest in the game and the actual weakest among her support hitscan counter parts Grohk, Furia and Jenos. As if that wasn't enough Jenos and Furia can headshot wile Grohk deals more damage as long as he tracks his target.

    Ying DPS:643 With Focusing lense: 857
    Jenos DPS: 803 With Headshots: 1205
    Grohk DPS: 750 Max DPS: 975
    Furia DPS: 660 With Headshots: 990
    Furia max wrath DPS: 858 with Headshots: 1287

    Also make it accurate midair since it is visually appropriate

    No changes there

    Make them heal for 250 every 0,7 seconds making the effective healing 357 per second, now it is 350 per second. This will help the illusions to change targets more offen so they heal the person more in need more often

    Make the illusions last for 2seconds more, now it is 8s but should be changed to 10seconds. The reason is having the ability to have 2 active illusions at all times if you spam your illusion button.

    Dimensional Link
    Postfire change from 0.5 to 0.3 seconds
    This change will help Ying have a reliable escape insted of being the sitting duck she is now without making her untraceable like she was when it was 0,1s

    Make Yings flowers always visible to her so she can have a better idea about her escape options. Also Ying will be able to escape to a safer location apon dimensional link activation via manual targeting even if her escape illusion has expired.

    If both illusion and dimentional link are off cooldown by holding the illusion button and then presing the dimentional link button instantly telleport where you would deploy an illusion.

    Illusory Rift

    Legendary cards Rework
    Lifelike: Illusions Heal for 300 every 0.5 seconds instead 250 every 0.7 seconds and thay have 10% greater healing range

    Resonance: Illusions explode when expire or being destroyed and deal 350 damage, If shattered manualy they deal 650 damage.
    This change will punish the more passive resonance ying play that is leave illusions on point and chill and reward the more thoughful agressive ying play
    It will aslo provide more counterplay options to enemies attacked by shuttering illusions when they have their movement ability on cooldown.

    New Legendary 1: Dimentional link gets a 2 seconds cooldown recuction and resets all Ying's Cooldowns upon activation. During the duration of dimentional link illusions have a cooldown of 2 seconds and Ying becomes CC immune for it's duration.

    New Legendary 2: Lillusions Slow enemies around them by 40% at 20units radius similarly to inara's warden field and damage enemies for 100 DPS
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