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  • Increasing his damage from 700 to 800

    2 12.50%
  • Increasing his health from 2300 to 2400-2500

    2 12.50%
  • Giving him an extra 1 or 2 ammunition.

    12 75.00%
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Thread: Buff Buck a little bit?

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    I am fine with the current buck. He works pretty well in ranked, and yes i am directly opposing your statement here daspychecker. Not saying that he can out dps everyone, or just spam and get a kill, but he is pretty decent currently, as said a thousand times before, compared to the other flanks that are currently "META", buck do falls apart, but that doesn't mean you need to buff buck up, because that will just ruin balance as much as it currently is.

    If you think pretty deep, these are branches of a tree, whose roots are burst meta.
    The current phase of cassie 2 shots and drogoz one shots and many more are screwing stuff up, flanks are being buffed to counter them, bad flank players making tank suffering more then those damage soaking poor souls already were, and healers are just there, burning in the flame they didn't even caused or asked for.

    My solution? Just freaking fix the burst meta, according to that tone down flanks too, way better that way then just getting one shotted.

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    buck is fine.. just because there are some really strong flanks doesnt mean he needs a buff

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    His damage and mom is well balanced in my opinion, because he does a lot of damage, but because he is so big he has a massive hitbox, so it would be only fair to give him a bit of health.
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