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Thread: New champion, The Ruthless Torturer

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    New champion, The Ruthless Torturer

    Class: Front Line
    Health: 4200
    Move Speed:355

    LMB: Poison stream: He shoots a stream acid that deals 500DPS (25 damage every 0,05s) and another 200 damage over 4 seconds and slow's for 10% untill the liquid dries
    When shooting you are slowed by 30%
    Has no damage drop off, has a harsh ark
    Has a metter like nando's flametrower
    2,5seconds reload if the metter depletes
    Has a magazine threshold of 130

    To visualise it think the stream of water when watering the plants

    RMB:Shoot an acid ball tha works likes tyra's firebomb meaning it breaks upon impact with an anemy or the ground
    Applies the Toxic statuls the main weapon applies and deals 200 damage per second to anyone standin of it
    Stays on the ground for 4 seconds
    Has a cooldown of 10 seconds

    Q:Deploy a shield in the same way inara deploy's a wall, the shield damage's opponets who toutch it for 100DPS
    Stay's up for 4 seconds
    Has 4000 hitpoints
    cooldown 12 seconds

    F: throw's a pillar that doesn;t stop untill it hits a wall or the terran and stuck. If you hit an enemy with the pilar the enemy golse with the pillar to the wall and get's chaned on it with a 20 units length chain for 3 seconds. The nemy has no mevement restriction as long as he is 20 units away from the pillar, movement abilitys will not carry you aray exept if they have a cleansing effect like billow or slither for example.
    The pillar can only hit and take 1 enemy with it
    Deals 400 damage on impact
    Has a harsh ark
    Has a wind up time of 0,5 seconds
    Has a 13seconds cooldown
    Holding time is affected by ressilence, the knowckback doesn;t since it is applyed constantly untill the pilar hits somewhere

    This doubles down as a movement ability since if you hold the button the Torturer will hold on to the chain when trowing the pillar and traver along with it.
    Immune to cripple.
    If you do that and hit the enemy with it the enemy will come with you but he will not be chained

    E: Trows a pillar that only can stuck to the ground, The pillar has blades on it that spin arownd it and deal 600 damage per second
    stay's active for 5 seconds
    If hits an enemy deals 500 impact damage but doesn't carry the enemy with it
    Has a windup of 1 second and the torturer is CC immune whilegetting ready to trow it.

    Talend 1: Toxic status applies 25% slow
    Talend 2: The pillar can take and chain multiple enemies, chains enemies even if you travel with it alsi has spikes on it that deal 150 to enemies that touch it
    Talend 3: THe toxic liquid ball also heals for 230HPS you or your allies
    Talend 4: The shield applies a 30% speed boost for 2 seconds to you or your allies if you go trough it and has 6000 hitpoints
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