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Thread: September Rage Thread

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    All a good skye needs to do is to simply not flank on her own.

    In a team/ with a comrade.
    Skye can do much to annoy the enemy and support the team.
    While net being the best match up to 1v1 against most characters.
    When she is not the centre of attention, it is really difficult to do anything to her when she has an ally to back her up.

    She can reduce a Frontline to a squishy with poison,
    She can reduce visibility for cluster fights,
    She can zone out a team with her ult.
    She can apply sufficient damage to aid in a kill.

    I'm sad that they gave her so much free damage to "bring her into meta" that fighting Skye as some characters is unbalanced asf.

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    Skye *is* OP. But only on very capable hands. Once, I fought against a level 200-something Skye and... she blew up the whole map.

    I have to play 8 ranked for battle pass quest, but I've already had one with level under 30 players and I've lost the will to play. -_-'
    I will probably end up bronze, if MM keeps behaving like that.
    I've finally found it!

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    I'm tired of repeating the same things, watch this: link

    "It's just Casual/ Go Ranked if you want a decent team/You are low tier, so you're bad." Rage

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    its October...
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