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Thread: Grover's loadout cards need some serious updating

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    Grover's loadout cards need some serious updating

    A lot of champions have multiple loadouts that are effective for different playstyles, but Grover's cards are just awful, sans blossom cards.

    There are 5 cards that involve his Vine. Pullspeed, movement speed, reset on low health, vine range, and cooldown reduction on crippling throw.

    But why? Why is there so much emphasis on his vine? It doesn't do anything other than move you. It's not like your damage is increased after you use vine to give you incentive to use it often. Or using it on an enemy does damage to them. If you put points into any of his vine cards, you're seriously hurting your team by not having bigger healing, healing more often, or a huge aoe movement speed boost for your team. If Hi-Rez wanted to make a vine card that fits Grover better, they could make one that gives damage reduction after using it. Or self healing on vine. Those would at least keep him fighting when he's in the middle of the fight healing his team.

    Then his crippling throw cards are pretty useless too. Granted, when the new patch comes out and his crippling throw talent is updated, a few of them will be pretty good (cooldown reduction, healing on hit).

    He also has a weird fixation on movement speed. I don't really know why you'd want movement speed after using vine. You've already dashed pretty far away. I also don't know why you'd want movement speed on crippling throw, when you can just vine away. He also has an armor/weapon card that reduces how much he can be slowed, but why does that matter when you can vine away and have a large aoe healing?

    His damage reduction card would be good if you didn't have to sacrifice so many better cards to make it worthwhile. I'd love to have 30% damage reduction, but I can't give up healing range, healing cooldown, and 40% movement speed for allies. Hi-Rez should give Grover a lower cooldown heal, and go the Furia route, and only let each point of cdr be worth like .25 seconds. Then if you REALLY want to go in hard for healing you can, but you also have other options for utility in your loadout.

    Are these old cards from when he was melee and they never updated them to match his current iteration? Hi-Rez really needs to do a complete rework of his cards to make them more valuable and give players better choices.
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    Vine is the key to be successful with efflorescence Grover. He has 300 dps on close range so fighting flanks is impossible his only chance to survive is positioning and quick escape - both done with vine. He has two cards I use, range and cooldown reset on low HP. I'd love to put more points into them if the healing output would not be so measly that every single point has to be put into increasing it.

    Well, Grover was a close range healer first, standing on the point with the tanks like Grohk. His cards are the same as back then but some got probably useless cause of his change in play style.

    It's like with Jenos. If the 50%+ range for the heal or the CD reduction would be moved to his base kit then he would not have to be played with the same standard deck all the time.

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    Take the vine distance card, its freaking great.
    Serpent Beach you can cross the gap between the two platforms on point with 3 points.
    If your going to play grover you have to go find the best places to vine around on all the maps and use the crap out of it.
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