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Thread: Rate my Terminus deck

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    Rate my Terminus deck

    Crush: Hulking Monstrosity 5/Strength of Stone 5/Powerslave 3/Unfeeling 1/Necromantic Might 1

    Usual items: Haven, Nimble, Rejuv/Vet

    I wanted to make a sort-of main tank Terminus build that could also flank a bit and chase people down if need be. The HP card is pretty obvious, more hp is always useful. I raised SoS all the way up since I usually save up charges anyway. I'm not sure about Powerslave, but I like to have more mobility while shielding. I wonder if it would be better to lower it to 1 and level Necro Might to 3 instead, so that I can use charges more often.

    Also - does We can rebuild him works for self heal as well? I thought about making an alt deck for when we have no supports on team.

    I'm a new player so all suggestions welcome

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    What SoS does?

    Anyways i think that isn't the best build but isn't bad.

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    A deck cannot be judged without knowing which talent you choose. I assume undying? Basically a main tank is the partner of the healer, so the deck is chosen assuming there will be massive heal to counter massive damage and cauterize. So best choice is probably "We can rebuild him" because it reduces the effect of cauterize and "Strength of Stone" which reduces damage.

    Powerslave is a good choice in my view, because if they focus you then you shield up and retreat behind the corner to get healed up, if the siphon drops half way to safety that's bad.

    If there is no healer then I would use a completely different loadout. Speed and damage and HP are important.

    Veteran is shit btw., life drain without healer and rejuve with healer, if you are safely behind the corner it's not so important if you heal up somewhat faster, heal is needed in the fight. I think "We can rebuild" works on self-heal, the similar card Buck has does.

    Necromantic Might I would only use with Calamity Blast. Either I keep my charges for the damage reduction or I shoot it every 2 seconds.

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