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Thread: Paladins Patch 1.4 - "Dragon's Call" - PTS Bug Reporting and Investigating Thread

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    the maeve nine lives continues with the bug, pls fix it :/.
    And i know that is not a bug of this patch but could try to correct the cat burglar bug(some times does not apply the bonus damage after prowl or is that what seems to me since I do not have recordings to be sure).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shogun08 View Post
    I was trying a new deck with Soul Collector after the buff but I think there's a mistake in the numbers.

    Seris default HP is 2200, that means her HP increases by 44 (2200 2%) for each detonated orb until you reach the stack limit aka 2860 HP (2200+(44x15)).

    Revenant increase her HP to 2250/2300/2350/2400/2450 respectively, but here's the problem, your HP STILL increases by 44 (2200 2%) per orb regardless of the level of the card you have (and your ACTUAL max HP). Example: With Revenant V you're supposed to get up to 3185 (2450+(49x15)) but instead you only get 3110 (2450+(44x15)).

    Also another thing I noticed is that the game shows -1 HP during a match, following the previous example, the game shows you have 3109 and no 3110 for whatever reason.
    Also happens in 1.3 .. not sure if this is a bug that carries over or if intended... seems the talent ignores the extra HP added by Revenant and instead uses the base 2200 for it's calculations.

    2200 hp + Revenant + (( 2200 hp * .02 ) * Soul Charges ) is what it's doing now, texts aren't too clear as to which value it's supposed to use in either version.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sarenzed View Post
    Dragon's Call:

    If you run grokh's wraith talent and you get the key sphere you'll be immortal.
    It's kinda like some patches ago using wraith would make grokh immortal during his ult.

    It's the same thing here: If wraith is not on CD and you get the sphere you're immortal. You can't go into ghost walk because you have the sphere that locks you out of your abilities. You can't die because wraith is still active. You can basically just stand around for minutes next to the enemy vault with the key sphere and emote, spray, and wait since you can't be killed.
    can you try the grokh bug with skye and Emergency Exit card ?

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