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Thread: Paladins is expensive?

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    Paladins is expensive?

    Hello community
    I know so the Hi Rez team needs money but if i want the new event skins i need to buy the 1500 crystals pack (25$), to me its a lot of money

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    It is very expensive no doubt.

    But again you are complaining on the skins to be less monetized, that's just not gonna happen, it would make sense if a core game item was monetized and if that was the case the game would had been dead.

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    It is, indeed, expensive, but being the game completely free to play in it's core mechanics, cosmethic purchases are the best way to raise money, so I guess we have to deal with it :/
    Surely nobody would complain if, for example, direct-purchasable skins would cost 200 crystals, bundles 6-800 and so on, but let's face reality this is not gonna happen ^^"
    I think the real problem is that good quality, limited-timed cosmethic contents are raining down heavily these days, so we have no time to raise crystals via daily login and are """"forced"""" to purchase crystal bundles.
    I know colourful new toys keep ppl attention up, but I'd let more time pass between one major content update and the other, so we could raise at least a quarter/half of the currency we need to purchase the new items and still need to buy some extra crystals to reach our goal ^^
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    Paladins is free. It will always be free. If we choose to spend money on it for skins or ingame currency, that is on us. Most items/currency in the game can be earned through regular gaming. And if we want more, or if we want those things faster, we have the option to play longer, play better or spend real money. No one is forced to spend or do anything. Everything we do regarding progressing in this game we do so voluntarily.

    And if we choose to spend money, the money spent is used to pay for the further development, security, stability and the people who make this free game for us. Isn't that good, for a game we don't even have to spend a dime on in order to play?

    Paladins will alway be free. It says so on the "package".
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    If it too much money for you, don't buy.
    If you have a spare money and judge the quality of the items you purchase is worth it, buy.

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    cosmetic/skins are always expensive in F2P games they have to make money in some way.
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    Thumbs up

    I agree it's too expensive. I would happily spend money on the game but they want £50 for the champions pack/season pass to get you started. I think it's a little steep but about what I'd pay for a game.

    What is ludicrous is the cosmetic additions like a single voice pack for £4. To buy all voice packs would be £4 x 39 = £156!!! Are you kidding me? Then there's all the skins which I dread to think how much they cost. I'm quite late coming to Paladins and it does feel a little grabby. Especially, as you can get Overwatch for £30 and you can pretty much unlock everything in game without paying.

    I understand they need to make it profitable but ripping people off is not the way. They need to have more sales and special offers to entice people. Plus an overall decrease in the price of crystals or offer more crystals for the price.
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    Yeah, skins are not cheap, but they don't give you more HP or anything, so you don't miss out much if you don't buy them.
    You only see your own champion before/after the matches anyway, and the default voice lines are very good for most champions (for example default Fernando voice is better than any of his skins imo).

    My problem is that they didn't release a skin that I was liking enough to buy for that price since the demon slayer Zhin - Trick or Treat Talus is good, but 1. - it is locked in an RNG chest, 2. - I don't play him.
    I wouldn't mind to throw a few € here and there, but not on all these satan skins.
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    First of all, you playing free to play game, and someone must pay or such thing will be simply not profitable. Unsung heroes spending lotsa money - a chance to play without paying anything for players who don't want or can't pay.
    Expensive? Check prices for other ftp games Paladins prices totally fine and mega affordable for anyone who can work, and most of people do work even if students.

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