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Thread: 2 Dudes Lfg "Shadow Warrior Trials"

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    2 Dudes Lfg "Shadow Warrior Trials"

    Hi Guys,

    me and my dude are searching for people to complete the "Shadow Warrior Trials" challenge.
    Especially the 225.000 Damage/Heal would we like to focus with you!

    Please contact us ingame:

    user: omn1pot3nt
    user: Theralios

    Gl & hf on all ways mates!
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    I would be happy to help but I'm on PS4. I just need the pentakill and to kill a few champions.

    EDIT: So, LFG to farm up a pentakill and farm bots until I kill every champion. Will help with any other challenges as well.

    Message Lynxwolfe on PS4.

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    BTW the healing one is really easy in normal game. I did it with Jenos by just spamming heals all the time, even in spawn room. It seems to be counting self heals and overheals. After about 12 minutes in game I got the notification that it is done.

    Also the dmg one counts dmg to shields so it is fairly easy. Your dmg doesn't need to be even close to what it says in stats tab after game ends

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    I still need help with the penta kill and the damage; and if you all need help still, I can be of assistance! I'll add you both in game and ask when I see you online, if that's alright!

    Edit: nvm about the penta
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    IGN: Notomi

    I feel most comfortable playing as either support or frontline; though, I can play others.
    (Champions I can play in order from which I am most comfortable with to which I'm not)
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    Flank: Zhin, Koga, Skye, Buck, Maeve

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    Try Bomb King vs two people with shields. Barrik and Ashe seem to be best. But I assume Vivian, Fernando, Torvald, and Ruckus could work as well. Make sure to take Grumpy Bomb auto kills shields. Should get it at the end of the match.

    I still need a Talus kill.

    I play on PS4.
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