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Thread: 1.4 Update Notes | Dragon's Call

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sloxi View Post
    1.4 patch summary =

    Buffed healing ability on support but not their survivability (example more HP, or lower damage output by flanks), maybe one support got buffed and that's Grover, everyone who mains support role (including me) could heal 100k with each support before and after this patch. Supporters didn't get buffed, the team of a SUPPORTER got buffed! Some of them are still piece of cake for Maeve (what an inappropriate change on her, pathetic), Lex or Koga. Ying, Pip, Damba all got healing buff, why don't you make something so flankers actually struggle taking down healers? why does it have to be in 2 slices and supporter is dead?

    Another thing: GROHK

    You could easily buff him by giving him longer escape skill duration or longer duration of healing totem and its HP. His ultimate now it's even worse, sometimes you are able to control the way sometimes not. And why the hell is Koga imune on damage intake while he uses Ultimate but Grohk isn't? Grohk should be imune by damage while Ulting cause he doesn't do extra much damage during the ultimate and now even less since it's harder to control it. Thank god I am support main so I can flex with all support champions and Tanks/damagers as well. But you do not proper buff support role by giving them all some LC for more healing, some of them need more about survival the 1v1 2v1 with flankers. If flankers do so much damage, can take down Tank in few fast attacks and can avoid pretty quickly to regenerate their HP and continuesly doing this, why don't you lower flanker's HP a bit? or buff small % of damage buff on support role? But no, let's give all love to flankers, always has been and I believe always will be. In Ranked all wanted to play lv 1 flanker, nobody tank/support(Tank main hands off, found one and done my placements) and carried more than half of my placements as a supporter meaning, flankers went solo vs 3,died, done nothing, cried for heals, blamed the supporters while they carried your butt to the victory. I'm happy I'm close to Diamond by only playing placements and I always will play only placement until you fix some flankers or proper buff support role. Not asking much but we can all/majority of people agree that some flankers are a bit too much and supports too less.

    NEW MODE: I loved it, thank god no more boring Paladins logo as a player icon, althrough it is very bugged, I had to score 3 times so it counts as once, enemy scored the same way and it counted (sometimes it's clearly the ball not in the goal and it still counts) Encountered BK's F skill it doesn't work sometimes when you use it in that mode only.

    This patch is a barely bit better than the rest of previous ones, but still better
    Totally agree, Grohk was much much better before he got his ghost walk nerfed to hell...

    I guess we support mains will be forgotten forever if what they did in this patch is considered "buffs" for them lol

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    Had a good day with Paladins today. Had two matches. Fell outta them thrice.

    BTW, Grohk used to be the one character I did'nt suck with. After this update, I can't win with him. Thanks for that, too.

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    vcs poderiam deixar mudar o nome so uma vez pq gasta aquilo tudo não da T^T

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