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Thread: Let's talk about Bundle's system.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cmsaunli View Post
    They're running a business, not a charity.
    Probably it's not a charity but this business falls down just because Hi-Rez makes a bad system. If you force people to buy all the skins they don't want for only one skin they want, they don't care about it and they buy nothing. Or, If you let the choice to buy the skin you want, the money enters more easily. That's logic, no a charity, but it's a reality, the easy access of we want is the key of the business. That's all.

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    I feel the same with DollarZeus. This 1.4 bundle system is bad. The previous were ok, i should change something with them, but nevermind.
    They sould (in my opinion):
    -separate skins from each other ( to be able buy only one skin and every one can be that one - maybe the "boss/main" skin would be moe expensive (like Demon Drogoz/Jenos))
    -Make skins cheaper - in this patch you have to pay 600 crystals if you want e.g. the Moji skin... in the first event I get 2 skins for the same amount..(i know it's not charity, but come on...they want to make the players feeling good, to play with their game.)
    -Give us more crystals 50/week is enough only for buying BP, and you can easyly lost 35, if you miss a day. They should separate this (e.g. 5/day), give us quests for them, make more crytal storm.

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