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Thread: Nerf koga already!!!

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    Koga solution 2 in 1

    I think The new talent nerf has fixed the main problem with him. There's only remaining 2 important issues whats can be solved by one change.

    The issues:
    -He isn't incited to use Dragon Stance yet
    -Talents about Dragon Stance are weaker than the others

    My solution:
    -Kill with Skewer garants 400HP

    Explanation: This bonus could incite him to use the Claws in every single fight

    Postscript: Shadow Step's clean is still makes him OP against supports how has much cc, especialy against Seris.
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    Why do we have two Overwatch clones now. I'm not kidding and I'm not trying to be rude. I love Paladins but things keep getting worse.
    We got Tracer and Junkrat in Paladins now, they got nothing to do here. Rework them so that they are not ripoffs anymore or straight up delete them. They don't work in Paladins because it's Paladins, not Overwatch.

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    I think this change wouldn't be enough reason to use Dragon stance.

    When switch, you are sacrificing:
    - range
    - DPS (especially when considering headshots)
    - mobility (skewer uses up all your energy)
    - invulnerability which also removes cauterize, burning, and all other debuffs
    - the "+50% healing recieved while firing SMGs" loadout card, which allows you to life rip even against caut 3.
    to gain:
    - unlimited ammo
    - projectiles have big hitbox -> easier to land
    - 600 damage on right click for all your energy

    You see, the dragon stance is not only weaker, but it costs energy/HP to maintain, and it needs a different loadout to gain benefits over the normal mode, but you could just use the "reload 40 ammo on dash" card along with the increased healing card, maybe heal on dash as well. (but I prefer gaining energy if getting low on HP so I get another dash)

    To make dragon stance a real option, either
    a.) make the switch much quicker, or even instant. 1 second to switch back means you are dead if there are enemies nearby, especially if you need to reload as well (imo the only reason to use claws is that switching to them is faster than reloading)
    b.) make skewer only use 1 energy, lower the damage a bit in exchange.
    c.) Add some bonus stats to dragon stance, or rework legendaries, so at least one of them gives buffs in sragon stance like adding damage reduction and/or 75% CC reduction to dragon stance (similar to Leviathan card of Makoa, but not that OP)

    The switching is a really cool concept, but right now there is not much reason to use it.
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    Koga is good but his claws need to be nerfed immediately

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    Don’t get me wrong Koga is excellent if you’re going to nerf Koga don’t nerf him into the ground just nerf the range of his claws

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    Koga can kill any champ in 1-2 seconds. Eats straight threw sheilds. Ignores knock backs an nullifys khans throws. Has insanely high mobillity and accracy even at long range. Little to no learning curve needed bucause you can quite liitterly run in a circle and kill intire teams alone with out trying. His second stance is rarely used out side of people joking around tring new things with him. I just got done playing 6 matches in a row and enemy koga practically solo win each match for opposing team. He has no true downside or counter to his character. Either a over all damage dubuff to his character is needed or a complete rework because as it stands if koga is in a match i just close the game till its over because its not fun when you see 20-50 kills on koga while everyone else has maby 3 max. He is truely a broken over powered character. Ps to put it in perspective as well. Skye. Her poison shot plus 500 damage from stealth cant even take a tank to half health by yime koga can kill 4 tanks. And she is suposed to be a assassin quick kill type. Also even with her broke bomb range she cant i h use kill a tank with it while kogas ult can kill 3 at once with full life and a decent sheild while he is invulnerable and regaining hp at the same time. (PS4 player)
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    Koga doesn't really bother me that much. It is annoying that his dash removes all debuffs. But I don't find him that bad to fight.

    I find a pro evie much more annoying to kill because of the way her cooldowns are geared she always has one of her three escapes ready to go. With koga you just count three dashes, then kill him.

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    Evie is easy to kill because she does not invulnerable dash then run up a wall and backflip over you and dash off again because his energy comes back so fast. I am not even good with him. And i steam roll teams doing 40 50 kills maby 5 deaths. Vivian with a shield and inf bullet build cant headon attack him. She might have more damage per shot but he attacks way too fast with SMGs and regains HP just as fast as you take it down. This dude has no downside on PS4.

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    I'm a PC player. Koga is still the most crap OP character I've ever encountered. He's fast, he's tough, he deal damage, he heals, he's got sheilds has a ton of amo, he shoots fater than the speed of light, there is nothing that this guy isn't outfitted with.

    I use to love this game but can't do it anymore. I'm done.

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