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Thread: Grohk Overcharge Rework Idea

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    Lightbulb Grohk Overcharge Rework Idea

    Grohk is da man. He does it all when it's not easy being blue.

    But...I want more out of him.

    I don't have all of this worked out. If you like it maybe somebody with better number crunching abilities can work it out.

    Multiple Totem Idea:

    Healing Totem
    - Either Heals or Shields

    CC or Movement Totem
    - This could replace his ghost walk and offer similar effects while buffing the team. Could also slow enemies in it

    Damage totem
    - Either does or buffs damage of those who stand in it

    - Whatever totem you point your laser at is overcharged (buffed) This can damage the totem if need be for balance

    - Can stay the same while buffing all totems in range Or a big totem that does the same thing

    His cards can buff each totem in different ways depending on play style. You can now run between your tanks and damage to buff/heal each offering some great utility.

    If you stack totems the enemy can easily bulldoze them down. Proper totem placement and rotation would have to be figured out. Overcharging allows you to buff the one that is most needed at the time.

    Just a thought to add a nice new flavor to Grohk. I like the idea for totem management instead of burning Ghost walk to reset the cd of healing totem.
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    That's would be interesting
    Sounds complicated though.
    How exactly would this integrate with his current kit
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    That's probably the biggest problem is that it would change his current kit almost completely. Which means it may not be worth the time for Hi-Rez unless people were really upset with how Grohk plays.

    Luckily the Assets would be the same, totems could be color coated to easily identify.

    Healing Totem would stay similar
    - OC: Heals faster or Generates a Shield effect
    Movement totem would replace Ghost walk offering similar utility with some changes
    - Can help teamates!
    - No longer makes you untargetable...Good and bad
    - OC: CC immunity?
    Damage totem would be the biggest change...removing shock pulse.
    - I find SP fun when you hit a good chain but underwhelming most of the time
    - Damage totem may be a Attack speed increase
    - OC: Increased damage
    Ultimate changes to a totem with the same effect
    - OC: buffs all totems in range?

    I'm trying to not make the idea OP. I think having to focus your damage on a totem would fix it's OPness. But I do understand how this could complicated in an FPS where TTK is 2 seconds

    OR SIMPLY do this

    Keep healing totem
    Switch GW to the movement totem idea
    Ult changes to a totem that just does more damage when charged

    Maybe Overcharging just increases range for effectiveness. removing the need for his range card requirements.

    Then they can keep Shock pulse the way it is. Possibly allow SP to hit and bounce between totems to buff them for 2 sec instead of holding the laser.

    Then you'd still have a fun 2 totem system to switch back and forth and not have to completely change all of his abilities.

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