Haemon, Rage Incarnate
Role: Front Line
5200 Health

Lore: One of the most efficient ways to perform magic is to lock a spirit into an artifact, and then channel its power outward. While Ska'drin have high affinity for this style, they are also the most susceptible to corruption. A low-level elemental or djinn cannot do much, but Morgrür, an Abyssal Lord composed of pure hatred and rage, is much harder to control.

Haemon is no ordinary Ska'drin, however. Powerful in both body and mind, he was chieftain of their island home for years. Morgrür was locked away, unable to even communicate with Haemon, until the perfect opportunity came. Haemon had been following a runaway, and the people of Crosswind Hold attacked him, nearly killing him.

Too weak to silence or stop the monster inside, Morgrür took over Haemon's mind, instilling in him all the anger he possibly could. Then, Morgür sat back, watching in glee as Haemon killed everyone within his view. While they aren't quite as lovely as those of the Abyss, the screams of Haemon's victims do lighten up Morgrür's life.

LMB: Veraclaw
Fire a projectile every 0.8s that deals 600 damage. Suffers from damage fall off as soon as it is fired, before fizzling out completely.
4 ammo, 2.3s reload

RMB: Rage
Strike the ground, launching a wave forwards that deals 300 damage and knocks enemies up and towards you.
6s cool down

Q: Challenge
You and allies near you gain 20% damage reduction for 6s. The damage reduction is increased by 1% for every 100 Health you are missing.
13s cool down

F: Aggression
Launch your claws. If they hit a surface, pull yourself to that location. If they hit an enemy with a lower percentage of their maximum Health left than you, pull yourself to them, grab them, then leap upwards, slamming them into the ground on the way down. Deals 300 damage and stuns for 0.5s.
12s cool down

E (Ultimate): Grudge
Lose Health until you are at 2600, then launch a projectile that pierces shields, deployables and enemies, dealing damage equal to the amount of Health you just lost.


(Default) Provocation : Every 800 damage dealt to you reduces the cool down of Challenge by 1s.

(Level 2) Carnage : Hitting an enemy with Rage increases the damage they take by 25% while they are in the air.

(Level 8) Deal with the Devil : Grudge now stops at 1800 Health, has 50% life steal and charges 15% faster.

(Level 12) Crush the Insects : Aggression now pulls enemies to you.

[Loadout Cards]
-Gain {80|80} Health.
-You cannot be Slowed below {60|10}% of your Maximum Movement Speed.
-Kills and Eliminations reduce active cool downs by {10|10}%
-Gain 20% Damage Reduction for 6s whennyou drop below {20|10}% Health. 40s cool down

-Rage travels {5|5}% faster.
-Restore {50|50} Health if you hit an enemy with Rage.
-Increase the knockup of Rage by {7|7}%.
-Hitting an enemy with Rage increases your movement speed by {6|6}% for 3s.

-Activating Challenge grants you {5|5}% Lifesteal for 2s.
-Increase the radius of Challenge by {10|10}%.
-Increase the duration of Challenge by {0.4|0.4}s.
-Allies affected by Challenge restore {50|50} Health over 5s.

-Increase the range of Aggression by {10|10}%.
-Activating Aggression restores {75|75} Health.
-Reduce the cool down of Aggression by {0.6|0.6}s.
-Reduce the cool down of Challenge by {1|1}s if you hit an enemy with Aggression.

[Voice Lines]

Match Starting: "You are already dead."

1: "I won't rest! Not until every stone is broken, every wall caked with blood, every blade of grass burned to a crisp!"
2: "Cower in fear! Hide in your walls! Scream for help as I tear them apart, birck by brick!"

1: "I will crush you!"
2: "GRAH!"

1: "I will not fall!"
2: "Don't make me laugh!"

1: "HURAH!"
2: "Die!"

Self/Enemy: "I'm taking you with me!"
Ally: "This is my birthright!"

Item Purchase
1: "Human garbage."
2: "Disgusting."
3: "Vile."

1: "Through the fire and flames!"
2: "Faster!"

Taking Damage
1: "Fool!"
2: "You must have a death wish."

1: "This is not enough!"

1: "I... won't stop!"
2: "You aren't safe!"

Low Health
1: "Pain... Pain!"
2: "For every drop I bleed... I'll make it a gallon of yours."

1: "Hmph."
2: "Back to war."

1: "I'll see you in hell!"
2: "Evil never dies!"

1: "Heh..."
2: "I am back, for blood!"

First Blood
1: "Blood! Bring me blood!"

Kill Streak
1: "I will annihilate you!"
2: "Give up already, and let me kill you!"
3: "Die! Die die die die DIE!"

Kill Assist
1: "Do that again. I dare you."
2: "That. Is. Mine."

Ally Kill Streak
1: "Get out of my way."
2: "Stand down."

Point Captured
1: "Not yet! I'm not done yet!"
2: "I must destroy you, completely!"

Enemy Point Captured
1: "How are you all so useless!"
2: *angered screaming*

1: "This destruction... Is barely the start!"
2: "Ants! Fleas! Mongrels!"

1: "I'll kill you! I'll kill you all!"
2: "You won't get away so easily!"

Top Play
1: "Carnage! Despair! The Realm will feel them both!"
2: "I'm not a monster. I am a demon!"