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Thread: Wham, The Feral Fury - Vulpin Brawler Offtank Champion Concept

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    Wham, The Feral Fury - Vulpin Brawler Offtank Champion Concept

    I had an idea in the wee hours of the morning for a high-mobility brawler offtank who was smaller and less durable than our other tanks, and with a particular kind of weapon.


    Wham is a mobile tank, having both a dash and a leap. She benefits more from putting herself in harm's way than any other tank, as it only makes her stronger. She can outright absorb attacks, making her good at neutralizing AoE ults like King Bomb, Time Bomb or Reanimation. She excels at being a nuisance on any front, whether it be on the point or disrupting the enemy backline.


    A female Vulpin, ham stand at about 4 feet tall, with grey-green fur similar to Pip's original design. She's covered in scars from fighting, and runes burned into her skin to control her anger. She weilds a pair of shell-like weapons made from stone and covered in green runes, with a matching stone necklace. During her ult, the weapons meld into her arms, giving her rocky hide and stone claws to wreak havoc with.


    The lone survivor of a Magistrate experiment, spiritouched Wham was stolen from her homeland as a babe. The only Vulpin to survive the experiment, they set sail for the Magistrate headquarters, only for a storm to sunder their ship. Set adrift, Wham washed up on an island - The home of the Ska'drin, who took her in and taught her how to control her mutated rage, channeling it through runes of power. When she heard of the Resistance, she set off to join them, hellbent on avenging her fallen family.


    HP: 3400
    Speed: 380

    Passive: Rage: Getting hit give you ult charge and stacks of Rage, which increase your movement and attack speed.

    Mainfire/LMB: Runecrushers: Punch the target if in melee range, or fire exploding projectiles if no enemy is within melee.

    Altfire/RMB: Beastshell: Block attacks from the front but cannot use abilities; Half the damage absorbed is added to your next attack. Consumes Rage while active.

    Ability 1/F Key: Flying Fist: Lunge forward and punch an enemy, dealing damage and knocking them back.

    Ability 2/Q Key: Savage Spring: Leap in the direction you're moving, dealing damage to enemies you land on.

    Ultimate/E Key: Lycanrage: Transform after 2s, granting you 20% cooldown reduction and improving your abilities. Consumes Rage while active.


    Health: 3400

    Movespeed: 380

    Mechanic: Rage - For every 500 damage you take, you gain 1% ult charge and 1 stack of Rage. You can have up to 50 Rage, shown as a meter near your reticle. Depending on your Rage level, you move and attack up to 20% faster. Rage lasts until you are killed or it is expended by an ability.

    Left-Click: Runecrushers - Area Damage
    "I LOVE the sound of broken bones in the morning."
    "How do you like THAT?."

    Swing your Ska'drin-designed stone weapons. If an enemy is detected within 15ft in front of you, you step forward 5 units and punch, dealing 400 damage in a 10-unit burst every 0.35s. If not, you charge and fire blasts from your Runecrushers every 0.7s; These blasts deal 600 damage in a 16-unit radius on impact and have a projectile speed of 200. Your Runecrushers have 12 ammo and have a 1.2s reload time. When you attack, you alternate from fist to fist, leading with your left.

    Enraged: During your ult, your attacks deal 20% more damage and have 50% larger radii.

    Right-Click: Beastshell -
    "Show me what you've got."
    "Bah, I've met stronger babies. Me, for one."

    Hold up your Runecrushers to absorb attacks from the front. Half the damage absorbed is added to your next attack within 5s. Damage absorbed still couns towards your passive. Beastshell has no cooldown but consumes 5 Rage every 0.1s. While in use, you cannot attack or use other abilities, and move 50% slower. Pressing the button again deactivates the ability. Has a 0.2s lockout timer after activation and deactivation.

    Enraged: During your ult, you also heal for half the amount of damage absorbed.

    F Key: Flying Fist - Area Damage
    "Oh no you DON'T."

    Spring forward 30 units. If you collide with an enemy, you deal 400 damage and apply a 1,600 knockback. This ability has a 12 second cooldown and two charges.

    Enraged: During your ult, this ability's damage and knockback are increased by 50%.

    Q Key: Savage Spring - Area Damage
    "Uhhh NOPE."

    Slam the ground to fling yourself in a directional leap, traveling up to 25 units into the air in the direction you're moving. Can attack and use abilities while airborne. Upon landing, you deal 600 damage in a 30-unit radius. This ability has a 16-second cooldown.

    Enraged: Targets damaged by this ability are Silenced for 0.5s and suffer a 1,000 knockup.

    Ultimate: Lycanrage -
    "Now you've made... Me... ANGRY!" (Self/Enemies)
    "Our voices... Sing... AS ONE!" (Allies)

    For 2s upon activation, you become immune to damage and CC but cannot move, as you transform, growing larger and melding with your runic gear. For the duration (Defined by your Rage level) you have 20% cooldown reduction and your abilities have new effects. Your ult consumes one Rage every 0.1s, lasting for 5 seconds at full rage. Continuing to gain Rage while the ult is active will prolong the duration.



    • Angry Arms (Weapon) (Level 1) You deal up to 20% more damage based on your Rage stacks.

    • Fuel My Fury (Armor) (Level 2) - You gain up to 50% more healing based on your Rage stacks.

    • Crystal Razor (Weapon) (Level 8) - Your ranged attacks gain 30% attack speed and are now hitscan, but deal 25% less damage and no longer explode.

    • Heavy Rascal (Savage Spring) (Level 12) - Enemies you land on are stunned for 1.5s.

    • Unbroken Spirit (Flying Fist) (Level 16) - Activating Flying Fist cleanses CC and grants you immunity to CC for 2s.

    • Rage of the Fallen (Lycanrage) (Level 20) - You can activate your ult within 4s of dying. Doing so revives you to full health but sets you Rage stacks to 5.



    • Rocky Hide - Gain {5% | 5%} damage reduction for 2s atfter Beastshell ends. This card has a 10s internal cooldown.

    • Bear The Burden - Reduce the self-slow of Beastshell by {20% | 20%}.

    • Hit Me Again - Beastshell consumes rage {10% | 10%} slower.

    • Bravery From Fear - Gain {8% | 8%} movement speed for 4s after Beastshell ends. This card has a 10s internal cooldown.

    Flying Fist:

    • Follow Through - Hitting a target with Flying Fist reduces the cooldown of Flying Fist by {0.5s |0.5s}.

    • Runic Wrath - Dash {12% | 12%} farther.

    • Joy From Pain - Activating Flying Fist heals you for {60 | 60}.

    • Let It All Out - Increase the knockback distance of Flying Fist by {8% | 8%}.

    Savage Spring:

    • Give Chase - Hitting an enemy with Flying Fist reduces the cooldown of Savage Srping by {1s | 1s}. This card has a 5s internal cooldown.

    • Take Life - Killing a target with Savage Spring restores {15% | 15%} of your max health.

    • Feral Strength - Leap {10% | 10%} farther.

    • Ancestal Hunger - Gain {8% | 8%} lifesteal against targets hit by Savage Spring for 5s.


    • Armor: No More Wounds - Gain {120 | 120} health.

    • Armor: No More Pain - Gain {5% | 5%} damage reduction below 50% health.

    • Armor: No More Whips - Gaining a stack of Rage reduces all cooldowns by {0.1s | 0.1s}.

    • Armor: No More Chains - Gain {14% | 14%} CC reduction and Slow Reduction.


    Child Of Anger: No More Chains 3, Give Chase 3, Take Life 3, Bear The Burden 3, Feral Strength 3.


    If you have any suggestions, questions or other comments, please, by all means, post them. I wanna hear feedback on this character, as always.
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