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Thread: Building Support Concept

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    Building Support Concept

    Watson, the Electromaniac
    Role: Support
    2100 Health

    Lore:*After the explosion, Watson woke up with no knowledge of where, when, what or who he was. After another Deepwerks engineer finally got him back up, Watson took one look at his broken, tattered equipment, and knew exactly what to do.

    He picked it up and electrocuted a nearby goblin. Watson decided that this was very fun, and went to fight on the front lines. But buried within his mind, behind the madness and broken memories, is the answer to some of the most important questions regarding crystal technology. Watson has all the tools he needs to save the world...

    If he doesn't kill himself first.

    LMB: Thunderstrike
    Launch a short range ball of electricity every 0.8s that deals 500 damage. Hitting a building will decrease its remaining deploy time by 1s, or restore 500 Health to a fully deployed building.
    10 ammo, 2.8s reload

    RMB: Recall
    Target and teleport an active building, and redeploy it in 0.5s at your location.
    5s cool down

    Q: Construct
    Pressing Q activates Construct, and then pressing 1, 2 and 3 deploys/destroys the respective Building. Cool downs begin when the Building is destroyed.

    1: Restoration Station
    Deploy Time: 4s
    Health: 800
    Restores 400 Health to allies every 1s.
    6s cool down

    2: Invigoration Station
    Deploy Time: 8s
    Health: 600
    Hits the closest ally with a blast of lightning every 3s, increasing their movement speed by 30% for 2s
    6s cool down

    3: Antishock Ward
    Deploy Time: 6s
    Health: 600
    Reduces the duration of Crowd Control and Slows by 50% for allies in its radius.
    6s cool down

    F: Boost Pad
    Deploy a Boost Pad in front of you, which lasts for 4s. Allies that step on the Boost Pad are launched upwards and forwards.
    12s cool down

    E (Ultimate): Overclock
    Supercharge all of your active buildings. They become fully healed, then work at 200% power for 2s (Restoration restores 800 Health, Invigoration grants 60% speed, Antishock grants CC Immunity.)


    (Default) Stockpile A: You may deploy a second Restoration Station.

    (Level 2) Stockpile B: You may deploy a second Invigoration Station.

    (Level 8) Stockpile C: You may deploy a second Antishock Ward.

    (Level 12) Power Up: Restore 1 Ammo if you hit an enemy with Thunderstrike.
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    I remember this one. I don't quite recall exactly what changes you have made, but it looks fine nevertheless. One problem I have with this is that this concept lacks direct influence on the match, as the only way it can interact with other players aside from the LMB is through deployables. This is a nice idea, but I personally think this concept would be more fun to play if its playstyle was more active and passive.
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