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Thread: Official Developer Q & A!

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    Official Developer Q & A!

    Greetings, my fellow forumers.

    As promised and organized with Alyssa, we are bringing you an official Developer Question and Answer thread. This will work exactly like reddit's version, but BETTER, for we will keep this thread monitored and clean. However, consider some rules.

    1 - Only three questions per person, no matter what. UPDATE: You can ask more questions after your 3 first questions are answered, but please be mindful of waiting the developers to answer all pending questions.

    2 - No double posting at all. Wait until your questions are answered before asking more.

    3 - Absolutely no aggressive nor derogatory questions, like "why aren't you fixing stuff?" or "why do you hate us?". Remember, you are to ask, not to accuse.

    4 - Make feasible questions and don't try to paint the developers as evil. Don't make obvious/rhetorical questions like "why aren't the bugs fixed yet?". Everything happens for a reason, consider this.

    5 - Never, under any circumstances, make off-topic posts here, this includes commenting on other questions or nudging the developers. You made your questions and didn't get answers? WAIT. If that bothers you, guess what? You are right, cinnamon tea!

    6 - If your questions were skipped, DON'T WORRY AND LEAVE IT TO ME. I'll help Hi-Rez to keep all posts in check. If one of your questions was skipped, it's because there was no answer available for it, just that.

    Personal recommendations. From 7 on, they are just personal tips to help you, unlike the rules, they aren't mandatory:

    7 - Don't overthink. Try to be straight to the point.

    8 - You can make joke questions, but that would be a waste of chance.

    9 - I personally recommend asking about future plans or, if something happened in the past and you never got why, you have a great chance to finally find out the reason.

    10 - A personal favourite of mine, I'd strongly suggest you to ask them why such characters were created and with what objective. I did that to Juju when Zhin was released, then Vivian. Do this if you want to improve your gameplay and strategies.

    Be noted: this thread will be heavily moderated. This means that ANY posts outside of the rules will result in a sanction to the user. Nobody will be verbally asked to stop, failure to abide to the rules will necessarily incur in a warning or an infraction. Respect here must be flawless, or we may not have the opportunity to make more of these events.

    Thank you for understanding and ask away.
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    I will gladly be first.

    My first question is why don't you guys do balance hotfixes anymore. This next portion is a copy and paste ( edited to sound a bit more friendly ) of a thread i made, but still all under the same question. I'll be using fusillade as my example/base

    Why make us wait and leave something you know is broken in the game. I get you wanna buff reign of terror but that's doesn't seem to be a legitiamte reason to leave something so overpowered in the game that you've CONFIRMED you know needs a nerf. The reason given for not nerfing it was the reign of terror buff wasn't ready for 1.2. To me that sounds like a job for a balance hotfix

    I think back to when Cassie's Just Breathe was the thing terrorizing the realm and that got a balance hotfix within days of the patch hitting live servers if memory serves me correct. Lian got a balance hotfix with her emerald card because of the reset she could do. So why hasn't fusillade received the same treatment?

    It seems balance hotfixes in general just stopped happening when they were met with overall positive feedback
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    My question is about server stability. Now that everyone on twitter is raving about how awesome the ping on Realm Royale servers has become, is it possible to get some updates to the Paladins servers as well?
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    My Question is about the Hitboxes in the game atm. Many champions like skye have a really big hitbox. Can we get some changes to these hitboxes in one of the next patches? And ty for doing this Q&A

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    The only question I have to ask is, when can I expect some bug fixes for Pip? I've been waiting for soooo long at this point. Also, why does his hitbox just not match his character? It's so much larger than him from the feel of things.
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    Will there be more workers on Hi-Rez who will work on Paladins? and Also will there be direct-purchase to most skins.


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    First, some questions to Wallachia about rules....

    Quote Originally Posted by Wallachia View Post
    1 - Only three questions per person, no matter what.
    I can ask in all the topic just 3 questions, or I can ask another 3 questions after my first 3 questions were answered?

    Quote Originally Posted by Wallachia View Post
    this thread will be heavily moderated.
    If so, does this mean that the developers will put each answer post under its question post?, or where will they answer it?

    And are those considered my 3 questions? If so, just delete them and answer those 3 questions, please:

    1-Do you have a balance-testing team? I understand that relying on the community feedback may sometimes kill the game, so you need a balance-testing team, whether they are hired or volunteer

    2-Did you consider reworking some new-players-annoying champions?
    Some champions are UP at low tiers and balanced at high tiers and those are skill rewarding champions (like Androxus and Evei).
    However, there are champions who are OP at low tiers and UP at high tiers, and those are broken champions (like lex), and those champions doesn't need a simple buff or a simple nerf. They need a rework, small rework or full rework, Just what you have done with Torvald)

    3-What are your plans for Voice packs? (this is the most important question *_*)
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    1. is lian's ultimate supposed to stack if you get multiple kills?
    2. do you have any plans on balancing items?
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    What were the reasons behind some of the reworks, like andro or lex?

    why did you want to have 4 legendaries instead of 3?

    Are there Any plans for new Game modes that are not events?
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    Good to see this thread, finally.

    My first question would be; When are the hitboxes are going to be fixed? Both champion and projectiles.

    Second one; Are you going to reduce the burst output in general? Because TTK is usually quite low and burst damage is just annoying.

    Third one; Will you fix/rework broken and OP talents? i.e Eagle Eye, Royal Subjects, Yomi, SJ(which is nerfed in 1.2 but 5% reduction is not really effective), Bulk Up etc.
    I will make sure to report all bugs and unbalances as much as i can so i'll be able to enjoy the game without catching cancer.

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