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Thread: July Rage Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaSpyChecker View Post
    They are high skill No reward, Barik is so bad that you cannot carry vs even really bad teams when most champs even Skye would work thats how bad he is.

    But go ahead keep wearing your Barik is great glasses, maybe someday you will see the truth. Maldamba is beyond overrated, he simply cannot carry either period & even with high skill there is nothing he does better than other supports, nothing!!

    They are joke champs by DEvs to see how stupid the community is to keep believing they can perform well, i bet they are Laughing everytime some one thinks he can do well with those.
    If that were true they wouldn't be in nearly every single match in pro games. Barik is actually pretty good if you know what you're doing, though I still tend to feel like he either needs more up time on his shield or more hp.

    Mal Damba is a healing god, always has been. But it's not super easy to hit those RMBs so noobs suck with him. Good Damba's rule.

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    My rank is diamond 4, but I'm starting to feel as if it's silver 4 with some of my teammates.
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