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Thread: Furia "Solar Blessing" Rework Suggestion

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    Furia "Solar Blessing" Rework Suggestion

    On paper Solar Blessing sounds good but it is actually terrible. Even thought you warn your team mates that you are using Solar Blessing they keep avoiding Pyre like plague. I guess no one likes a giant beam coming towards them and run away from it instinctively. Also your allies need to stand still(which is enough to eat a salvo from Drago or a headshot from Kinessa) to get healed by the beam. Standing still is not a good idea in a game like Paladins. So this talent needs a rework. My suggestion:

    Rework Solar Blessing to Kindless:
    After meeting with Ying, Furia decides revenge and avenging stuff is too edgy for her and it would be best to leave edginess to Androxus who has enough edginess for 100 champions anyway.

    Turns Wrath bar into Kindness bar.

    Every 100 hit points healed grant 1% of one Kindness meter bar.
    Overhealing will not generate Kindness.
    Kindness starts decaying after 2.5s not healing an ally.
    Decay delay is 7.5s if meter is full.
    One Kindness meter bar decays over 15s.
    Each Kindness meter bar increases her movement speed by %10 and healing by %5.
    Furia can heal through obstacles when Kindness meter is full.

    I have no idea if that change is feasible but it would solve problems of Solar Blessing (your allies running away from your Pyre) and Kindle Soul (your target get behind a obstacle right before you heal them and you end up not healing him/her)
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    Honestly not terrible, but one heal would fill the meter all the way up and having nimble 3 from that might be a little overtuned honestly. I also don't like the idea of Furia healing through walls with an autoaim. The only reason Jenos can do it is because his heal isn't that impactful. But getting 1500+ burst at any range would be insane. I would remove the heal through walls completely.

    I think solar blessing needs active team comms to be used effectively, and it is okay for it to be that way. Think of it like Field Study for Torvald. It's okay if you don't have team comms, but becomes much stronger when you do.
    Grover isn't so great? Are you kidding me? When was the last time you saw a support with such high mobility and damage? Grover puts the game on another level, and we will be blessed if we ever see a champion as good as him. Jenos gets top healing. Mal Damba impacts teamfights. Grover breaks the rules. You can keep your statistics. I prefer the magic.

    It had to be said.

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    Don't forget that you only need to stand still for about a second to get healed to full
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