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Thread: Jenos is... Interesting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IamRick1996 View Post
    Actually the maker of this post have already taken suggestion and voiced out his own opinion and suggestions too. He is quite reasonable

    The reason this post is on going, is because of the other person. Who is deliberately ignoring my posts. LOL

    Im gonna stop arguing with you. This discussion will never end

    Actually he just means how void grip cancels the movement skill on its duration. Im not sure it can be said that void grip applies an instant cripple upon application. But as far as I know, only stuns, fear, and cripple are the CC effects capable of canceling a channeled movement skill. It has to be one of those unless theres a secret CC we dont know of
    Yeah, Nanomachines is reasonable. Joccasela is the one dragging this out by ignoring everything all of us say and repeating the same thing over and over again. If he would just open his mind a little there wouldn't be a thread at this point. :P

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    I can't remember to have had problems with void grip when playing Lex. Probably because his dps is so high that if he attacks Jenos and Jenos uses void grip he will simply shoot him before he can reach cover. Void grip has been a pain in the ass though with other champs. When I still played Torvald as flank-tank (before "Thank's Grandpa") I got killed so many times cause of this shit. Buck also has problems with this even if he can escape with his jump his attack failed and Jenos can repeat this every time.

    It's a strong CC no doubt, but it also is risky to use because it makes Jenos defenseless, so I don't think it's OP.

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