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Thread: PS4 Skin Unlocks (Skye ninja)

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    PS4 Skin Unlocks (Skye ninja)

    Sup all, started playing this game the past week on ps4. My main question is how do i get access to the Skye kunoichi skin? I tried to buy it and spent 200 crystals getting the voice pack I guess and even then I dont have that. How do i unlock Ninja Skye skin? (PS4)

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    You spent 200 crystals on voice pack means you bought the default Skye voice pack. It has nothing to do with her Kunoichi skin.
    You can get that skin from diamond chest which costs 300 crystals and the drop rate is totally random. So don't count on getting that skin on your first try. (But you won't get any duplicate skin from diamond chest)

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