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Thread: New Champion Suggestion

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    New Champion Suggestion

    Champion: Kizmet, a Minotaur champion and shape-shifting spirit warrior.

    Not my artwork, example only:

    Playstyle: (able to play as a frontline or moderate damage support depending on the spirit animal/selected ability)
    Health: 2200 (increased if bear spirit animal is selected)

    [L-Click] Curse
    Description: Reduces incoming healing for enemy players while causing damage over time (stacks up to X amount of times to increase healing reduction and damage over time)

    [R-Click] Cleanse

    Description: Release a shockwave of spiritual energy capable of healing allies

    [F] Spirit Walk
    Description: Shift into the spirit realm to escape from enemies, gaining increased movement speed during duration.

    [Q] Spirit Animal (10 – 20 second cooldown when spirit animal is sacrificed)
    Description: Summon a Spirit Animal (animal, passive bonus, and Q follow-up depend on lvl 0, 2, 8, 12 ability selected).

    The spirit animal is a non-target-able/non-damageable familiar which follows your champion.
    The passive ability bonus does not go away when sacrificing your spirit animal

    [Ability LVL 0] Wolf
    Passive: Movement speed increased and increased duration of spirit walk
    Q follow-up: Sacrifice your spirit animal and enter spirit walk
    [R-Click] Cleanse temporarily increases movement speed of allies

    [Ability LVL 2] Raven
    Passive: Increased healing reduction for curse
    Q follow-up: Sacrifice your spirit companion to apply the maximum stacks of curse on an enemy target (5?)
    [R-Click] Cleanse ignores healing reduction effects currently applied to allies

    [Ability LVL 8] Badger
    Passive: Small health regeneration for self
    Q follow-up: Sacrifice your spirit animal to gain rapid health regeneration
    [R-Click] Cleanse additionally heals self for a small amount

    [Ability LVL 12] Bear (allows Kizmet to be played as a viable frontline)
    Passive: Incoming damage reduction and increased total health (+2200)
    Q follow-up: Sacrifice your spirit animal to gain X amount of protection (not timed)
    [R-Click] Cleanse becomes a small self-heal ONLY and does not heal any allies

    [E] Shapeshift (10 second duration)
    Shapeshift into the avatar of your spirit animal temporarily becoming

    Wolf: Ferocious, increased movement speed while gaining sight of all enemy players

    Raven: Fearsome, two stacks of curse is applied each time curse is cast on an enemy player (temporarily gain flight / float)

    Badger: Fearless, become motionless and unfazed by incoming damage while regenerating to full health (similar to Evie’s Iceblock)

    Bear: Formidable, gain an additional X amount of health and damage reduction during the duration of shapeshift (a weaker variation of Makoa’s ultimate)
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