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    Quote Originally Posted by xXshAynXx View Post
    In my opinion there is no problem in a flanker killing a support or damage champion if they are unaware, the problem is that he is unkillable in a 1v1 situation.

    And I have a question that really bugs me, so the food chain in paladins goes something like this:
    Support < Tank < Damage < Flank,
    so which class is supposed to counter Flank?? Flankers right?

    So why give a flanker more advantage over other flankers in 1v1?

    Not just he doesn't need good aiming and he have an auto-aim ability that deals unmissable 1000 damage, he also have wallhack.

    If that is not enough, ok, noticed after a match with a half-decent Lex when you look at the scoreboard who had most credits?? yeah, Lex.
    Lex receives more credits when killing a marked target, and that believe it or not, this is a huge advantage.. he gets cautrize III first, haven III, and other items that makes him more unkillable.

    I personally consider Lex one of the most laziest champions in term of design. Not only he is a rip-off form a character in another game, but also his abilities are poorly designed.
    I don't know why give a champion a wallhack and autoaim along with high dps.

    And to those who say: Lex is a poor flanker in terms of mobility, well, not anymore...
    He is one of the faster champions in Paladins if not the fastest, and with the right items and loadout he becomes very mobile, which makes him both harder to hit and let him reach destinations faster.

    Lastly the cherry on top, his ultimate, another no-need-to-aim ability that can easily wipe the whole team and turn the tables. There is no ultimate in the game even close to Lex's ultimate in terms of teamwipe capability except skye's (which is easily dodgable).

    BTW, the rate of fire for Lex's guns is not mentioned in his ability page in the game, I think it is for obvious reasons.
    can you show me your pov with lex in a competitive master+ match? rekting enemy team since he doesn't require good aim rigth? so anyone can do it, even you!

    I'll be patiently waiting for your video upload


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    Wow, what a great argument/logic. "Pro players don't pick X champion = He requires very good aim"

    Quote Originally Posted by Xilly4nx View Post
    can you show me your pov

    So my only way to prove that Lex doesn't require much skill to play is to provide a footage for a pro player playing as him and doing good... lol

    Of course they will do good, because they are pro. The problem is when a NEW player plays him and gets 40+ kills compared to them playing other flankers.

    Pro players don't pick Lex because their aim is good. They don't need an auto aim ability to help them deal damage.. So they are off with better options that give them other advantages like: vertical mobility, self-sustain, etc...

    Quote Originally Posted by Xilly4nx View Post

    I'll be patiently waiting for your video upload

    Dear sir,

    I can provide you with ton of footage of NOOBs doing good with Lex and "rekting" the other team, noobs before pros...

    Please get a better argument I'm patiently waiting...
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    Dear gentlemen,

    If you spite each other one more time I am going to step in here.

    Please get a better way to interact with each other. I'm impatiently waiting.
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