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Thread: Lost the will to play Paladins

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    Quote Originally Posted by JojotheKing View Post
    In my opinion it’s the Support class that is ruining the fun of this game i mean just look at their kits they have dmg,OP mobility,stun,auto aim,best ultimate,cc they have everything to counter any situation it takes out fun from other classes. I have less pressure when i play support they are easy to play and just need good coordination of team to work.
    Quote Originally Posted by JojotheKing View Post
    I can only say this is not a zhin post so why don’t you stop your favourism & judgement
    If anyone showing favourism &'s not my post.
    thank you for curing my Paladins addiction

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    Taking a break isn't a bad idea. But don't quite because of Furia. She's not OP, she just requires a different approach. She's basically an anti-flank damage support, though that changes a bit with Talents. She's designed to be able to deal with flanks up close.

    If you want to deal with Furia, poke her down from a distance where you can easily dodge her Wings of Wrath and Pyre Strikes. Then when she's low jump in and finish her off. Preferably right after she uses Pyre Strike so she can't stun you out and escape. Doing that you shouldn't have too much trouble.

    You said you're a flank/support main, though, so even if you continue to have issues against Furia you could always just play her, instead. She's certainly one of the more satisfying supports to play right now, in my opinion. Very active, can get good damage as well as heals, lots of variety in play styles with Talents and cards. Pretty much what every champ should be.

    Though I'll admit that Solar Blessing might be a little OP. It's so situational, though, that I'm not sure it's nerf worthy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GaoShun View Post
    take a break man

    You forgot some people just really bad at the game. You know.. noobs

    Only noobs can’t play Zhin

    flank burst damage are too OP at the moment. So boring to get killed without being able to turn around.
    You sure that’s not judgment?

    He is not having problem with flanks
    And i am not surprised this coming from another support main...
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    Being a 'xxx main' doesn't make anyone's opinion less valid, so let's not go down that road, or I'll have to drive by.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GaoShun View Post
    take a break man
    Another day, another septim.

    I also think you should go take a break, play another game for a while, so you may get the fuel to play Paladins once more.

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    Taking breaks from Paladins when you're not feeling like is natural and a good sign that you haven't let video games take over your life. Whenever you feel like coming back, the Realm will welcome you with open arms.

    As for Furia being OP or not, I literally don't have the faintest idea, but I do know that do to her unorthodox kit, it will be impossible to know until people get used to using and countering her. In light of that, it's good to let the dust settle before demanding nerfs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RedEyedAlex View Post
    From Oct up intul now i played at least a few hours every day, and more if i didn't have any work or something like that.
    Well, there's your problem. A normal person SHOULD get bored of something if they do it for hours every day for months. The game isn't THAT complex.

    You should feel perfectly justified taking a break. I enjoy Paladins, but that's a LOT of Paladins...

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    I have also lost the will to play, but it's with fighting games in general. They're too stressful because it takes too much dedication to keep a respectable rank. But back on topic, I've lost too many games in a row and I hate the direction this game is going (that being flanks are dominant and you can die to some champs in less that 2 seconds). The meta is getting stale and each patch breaks the game more and more. This isn't to say that Hi-rez hasn't done great things at times, but as it stands, the bad outweighs the good.

    Also, in my opinion, rank decay should not exist. Just start everyone from Bronze, make them work their way up, and let them settle at the rank they want. No need to make us chip away at our TP at least once every two weeks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valkure View Post
    This does make sense: you came to play in October, when things were already going wrong. It is not Furia OP, is other supports being UP and some flankers who are quite broken at the moment, so, the first time you (used to UP supports) have to face a decent one, have found your "old" strategies not working.
    I'm gonna say take this with a grain of salt... The only UP supports currently are Ying, Grover, and Grohk. Even then, only Grohk has a hard time being used at all. Grover and Ying can SOMETIMES work depending on your skill as them and the maps.

    All other supports are very viable and Furia is kinda OP. Her base kit is powerful and fine as it is. What makes Furia very strong though is her Solar Blessing talent. That thing heals 6,000 health a second (600 with full cauterize or 2,400 with full rejuvenate + cauterize). It is really nutty heal and I see it getting nerfed very heavily.
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    Everyone need a break after playing one game almost exclusively for the past 6 monthes mate Nothing to be worried about anyway, and its like bicycle, you'll get your skills back pretty quickly when you return. So no worries, go enjoy a good time with friends on another game or irl and come back when you feel like it.

    I allways have this kind of mindset everytime a new champion is introduced, because no matter how they balance him / her (unless he/ she is UP af), everyone and his mother instalock him in casual for at least a week, breaking the balance because no one know how to use the new champion except one trick ponies who will instantly abuse said champ, so casual become a chaotic mess (more than it usually is... baffling heh?) and no one enjoy this. Some solution I found if you want to stay in the game :

    - Play ranked only so you dont have to deal with this new shifting meta for now and can wait till next patch (and balance) before you face or use the new champ.
    - Play some tdm as it is a very relaxed gamemode where it doesnt matter that much if you win or lose as soon as you have fun pewpewing some faces.
    - If everything fail Troll the heck out of casual, I mean instalock furia everytime so no one can play her and switch at the last second for another healer or anything needed for the team. Its pretty funny actually to do that when you want to avoid some people playing like utter crap with a new champ (its kinda antisport and toxic I'll admit that ^^, I used to do that to avoid noobnessa on my team every single time), you'll still face the new champ tho.

    Regarding Furia, as said ina previous post I wont say anything regarding healer anymore because we have an emotional crew (note this is nothing mean or personal, its simple facts) around this subject and I cant be arsed to argue over such things anymore, she'll eventually be toned down or toned up anyway, so why wasting time and energy.


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