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Thread: Lost the will to play Paladins

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    Gaming is a hobby (there are pro players that use it as a mean of living, but it's another matter). And as a hobby, is natural to just use some of your free time to play. If you do not feel joy anymore with gaming or with this game in specific, change. Nothing wrong with that.

    About the game concept... it's not a kind of grind game that makes you become addicted and must play every day, etc. It's a kind of esport game. To me, it fits me very well.

    Also, the game have a promissing lore, good characters, animations, skins and the strategy concept.

    However... the game needs improvements to be better. The lack of player base is a problem, since it is the main issue with the currents MM problems. Lack of balance and bugs are growing eacn patch instead of vanishing... and this is the main reason, in my opinion, that the game is losing more and more players.

    I would love to see HiRez puting in the schedule what is most important first. Balance and bug fixing. I really dont mind a new patch with nothing new to the game, if they really put some efforts in doing that two things.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valkure View Post
    So, you have a super bias opinion and instead of saying "I am a Zhin main (ie: Zhin is one of the most broken champs at the moment) and I have zero experience in playing support, but I hate wasting more than one shot to kill them, so I absurdly consider them OP", you state that they have OP mobility (worst in the game) and all the other rubbish up there.
    I know it usually sounds bad, but, there's no more to suggest you than "git gud". If you have any problem in killing a defenseless support, as they are since 7 months, now, you are evidently a bad player. Especially considering you're a Zhin main.
    Lol you think im getting rekt by furia with zhin

    Zero experience no i do play PIP wonder why?
    Although his damage is off the line he actually needs to aim while on the other hand this furia needs no aim and can 1v1 a flank which completely delete the concept of support class. They should never be able to 1v1 flank or DD.
    I am still laughing to the post where you wrote furia is totally OK, needs aim, and dont need nerf at all you know what this actually makes you Biased.

    Furia isn't defenseless she literally stand and wait in flank route to stun and kill flank what the heck is that?

    Since you love math so,
    OP Champ =/= Git Gud

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    Quote Originally Posted by JojotheKing View Post
    Lol you think im getting rekt by furia with zhin
    No, of course. Zhin is the most broken champ in the roster at the moment. You should be playing blind and without hands to be "rekt" by anyone else in this game.

    Quote Originally Posted by JojotheKing View Post
    Zero experience no i do play PIP wonder why?
    So, are you playing Pip as a full solo healer?
    No need to answer, I already know it, and that's the whole point of this discussion.

    Quote Originally Posted by JojotheKing View Post
    Furia isn't defenseless she literally stand and wait in flank route to stun and kill flank what the heck is that?
    A decent support, able to defend herself against a less skilled player using a flank, exactly as it should be and as supports had always been, till CU.
    If the flanker is stupid and doesn't buy resilience, then he deserves to die. But as someone already said, it seems that whatever effort used to counter supports is seen as "too much" by many (bad) players.
    I've finally found it!

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