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    Realm Feed Back

    Hi all. After playing for some time now i have feed back i would like to give.

    Class weapons: First they are far to easy to get one kill is to easy. I feel this needs to be made either 3 or 5 kills
    Also Hunter, Assassin and mage weapons are so much better than warrior and engineer. Yes warrior is meant to be up close and personal. But 800 vs 1200 damage from range with no drop off needs tweaking.

    Movement: I have had countless times where I have landed and my first weapon is a sword. Charging at my enemy but they are able to move backwards while jumping and shooting me faster than i can run forwards swinging my sword. Back wards movement needs to be adjusted to half forward speed.

    UI. Just like smite and Paladins it would be nice to be able to move and size adjust the ui, I do feel its over scaled.

    FP: I like playing 3rd person like everyone else. But i would like a paladins style 1st person with 3rd person mount movement.

    Chicken: I love this idea of chicken death. But I feel the deaths should scale upwards in time. from 20/25/30 seconds.

    Class Cards: Now this is one that will be 50/50 with many players. Also could make the game pay to win if not implemented correctly. It would be nice to have class cards. Like paladins or COD etc etc. But these only buff skills not weapons. so "warrior heal pot now heals half the amount but also repairs armour" just little things like this not game changing stuff.

    Kill Cam: Again not to everyone's taste, But a kill cam would be a nice addition, much like the one used in paladins

    Fighting Area: Now i don't know if this is just for alpha but being able to see the combat zone before the game has even started is a bit silly.

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