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Thread: Fun Damage and Healing Furia Loadouts

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    Fun Damage and Healing Furia Loadouts

    Fun Damage Loadout

    Talent: Exterminate - This loadout is based upon maximizing her ability to use Pyre Strike to completely crush nearly any enemy. Exterminate is the perfect option for this as when an enemy gets hit by Pyre Strike using this card, it stops on that enemy and dishes out an unreal amount of damage in merely seconds.

    Card 1: Conviction (5) - Having 5 invested into Conviction will make the Pyre Strike last for another 0.5 second. You may not think this is much, but because Pyre Strike does 20 damage per 0.05 second, this will allow Pyre Strike to deal so much damage with just her Pyre Strike alone.

    Card 2: Stoke The Fire (4) - Another essential part of this loadout is to use your Wings of Wrath ability a lot. Stoke The Fire at level 4 makes it so that every successful Wrings of Wrath attack lowers the cooldown of Pyre Strike by 2 seconds. This is insane because when you use Wrings of Wrath, 3 little fireballs come out and track down enemies and explode on impact. If all 3 hit an enemy or enemies, you get 6 seconds less of cooldown for Pyre Strike. Not to mention Wrings of Wrath is also good for Furia's mobility.

    Card 3: Solar Flare (3) - A decent card that makes your Pyre Strike more likely to hit an enemy because of its increased radius. Nothing much else to say.

    Card 4: Ignition (2) - This is a bit more of an interesting choice. As you read, every successful Wrings of Wrath hit lowers the cooldown of Pyre Strike by 2 seconds. This card, does the same, but reduces the cooldown of Wrings of Wrath for every successful Pyre Strike hit. This card and Stoke The Fire go hand and hand and, in my opinion, make this loadout shine.

    Card 5: Burning Oath (1) - This is just a filler card to help out with healing and self healing. Remember, Furia is a support hero, and not a full on damage character. This card at level 1 makes you restore 105 HP over 3 seconds for healing an ally with Kindle Soul; so make sure you heal allies to also heal yourself to make you stay alive longer!

    Thanks for reading this fun damage loadout. I'll list the fun healing loadout right under this message. Also, before we continue, some feedback on this damage loadout would be very appreciated. I have used this loadout and I am not disappointed with her potential damage output at all.

    Fun Healing Loadout

    Talent: Solar Blessing - This loadout is based upon Furia's incredible healing potential that a lot of people don't see or even consider because of the 'damage Furias' roaming around. What Solar Blessing does is make it so that your Pyre Strike stops on an ally and heals them for 300 HP every 0.05 second. You can outheal so many things with just landing a Pyre Strike on any ally from front liners to your damage teammates.

    Card 1: Light Force (4) - A simple yet good card for maximum healing. It basically reduces the cooldown for Kindle Soul from 4 seconds to 3 seconds. This will mean much more because of the second card in this loadout.

    Card 2: Light of Dawn (4) - This one is a fun and yet important card in this loadout. At level 4, Light of Dawn gives any affected ally 400 shield for 2 seconds if you use your Kindle Soul on them. Its a very good card because that extra 400 shield can mean more than you think in a battle. You can potentially almost always have that 400 shield up because of the short 3 second cooldown on Kindle Soul that you get with level 4 Light Force.

    Card 3: Solar Flare (3) - Because of its increased radius, it makes it so that Pyre Strike will land on allies much more often which allows for more healing.

    Card 4: Burning Oath (2) - At level 2, you gain 210 HP over 3 seconds if you use Kindle Soul on an ally. This is quite important to Furia because she does not have the biggest HP of any hero (2200 to be exact) and because since she is an incredible healer, flanks and other heros want to target her. You can potentially always have this self healing because of Kindle Soul's 3 second cooldown with this loadout.

    Card 5: Stoke The Fire (2) - This is the most interesting card in this healing loadout because it is realiant on Wings of Wrath. The reason why this card works is because of Wings of Wrath's homing fireballs and for each successful hit, it reduces the cooldown of Pyre Strike by 1 second at this level; so, if every fireball hits, the cooldown of Pyre Strike gets reduced by 3 seconds, which is important because it allows for more immense healing thanks to Solar Blessing. (I'll be honest here I didn't really know what other card to include in this loadout so I put this one in and it actually works pretty well)

    Thanks for reading this fun healing loadout. Trust me, if you're the only healer on a team, your team will love you because your actually dong your job as a support hero by just right clicking and pressing Q. Any feedback on this loadout will be greatly appreciated.


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    Hey! I tried out your decks and I wanted to thank you! That worked wonders!!

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