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Thread: Knoz - and Dra'Mys

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    Knoz - and Dra'Mys

    Knoz and Drag'Mys

    Role Damage
    Health 2300
    Speed 375
    Weapon Magic Grenade Launcher


    Knoz it's a lover of the beast he train them and domestic them, He belonged to an Temple responsible to keep an Mythical Beast asleep that could destroy everything, one day Kharne was informed about this Beast and he asked Lian to send an army to take the Beast the Magistrate Army could got in th Temple killing everybody who would fight agaisnt them, the only one alive was Knoz, He just had one chance to keep the Beast safe He linked his soul with the Beast. The beast woke up and just had the chance to escape allying with the human.

    Since that day Knoz and Dra'Mys have been escaping from the Magistrate making ties and being one soul in two bodies

    -Dra'Mys is an little Dragon
    -Dra'Mys keeps in the back of Knoz


    LMB Mytic Bombardier: Every 0.9 seconds Knoz fires an projectile that deals 580 of damage - Has Gravity (Like pip)
    6 ammo 1 second reload

    RMB Dragon Rush: You will send Dra'Mys to chase down the selected enemy dealing 600 of damage and burning the enemy by 2 seconds dealing 100 of damage per second - The travel speed of Dra'Mys is very quickly - Doesn't matter where's the enemy if the selected enemy uses and an escape ability similar to Seris's F Dra'Mys will come back with you and will reduce the Cooldown by 50%
    9 seconds Cooldown

    Q Mystic Breath: Dra'Mys will put himself in your arm expelling an Magic Fire dealing 70 of damage every 0.1 seconds during 3 seconds and Crippling the enemies - Medium Range
    14 seconds Cooldown

    F Taking Flight: Dra'Mys will hold you with his claws and impulsing you to the direction where are you moving and knockin back the nearby enemies - It's similar to the Buck F but with less distance and less altitude
    8 seconds Cooldown

    E Mythical: Dra'Mys will transform himself into his ancient form (A little bit more big that Drogoz) you will ride him while he fly by 4.5 seconds - Dra'Mys will spit Magic Fire dealing 80 of damage every 0.1 seconds - You can't receive damage during it - Has 1 second delay - It works like Willo's ult


    1) Heat: Dragon Rush now stuns the affected enemy for 1.2 seconds and reveals him for 3 seconds

    2) Winged: Taking Flight now has 6 seconds Cooldown and increase the knockback for 30%

    3) Inferno: Kills resets the Cooldown of Mystic Breath and it lasts 1.25 seconds more

    4) Ancient: Mystic Bombardier hasn't gravity and increased explosion size by 15%
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