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Thread: Maeve Is Not Damage

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    Maeve Is Not Damage

    Seems like everyone and their mom wants to play Maeve today, but they all want to play Maeve like a damage champion. Street Justice and pouncing on tanks all game.

    I understand how satisfying it is to melt tanks with 0 effort as a Flank, and how those huge damage numbers at the end of the game make you feel like you're super good at the game.

    But Maeve is a Flank, and her first priority should be killing enemy squishies. Kill the damage, kill the healer, kill the flank if you can. And when they're all dead, you can pounce on a tank a couple times. Then you should be going to unhorse the enemy squishies as they run back from spawn, and kill them again. If all you're doing is pouncing on tanks, you're not helping your team. I don't care how much damage you get at the end, you're NOT helping.

    See, I main frontline and let me tell you that tanks are not the issue. Your teams tanks can kill the enemy tanks EASY. We can deal with them. We die when the enemy damage goes uncontested for too long, because THEY actually hurt us. We die when the enemy flank is uncontested, because they keep killing our healer and our damage.

    So please stop the Maeve tank-pouncer meta. Not just because it's cheesy, but because if you're not focusing squishies first, then you're not doing your job. Be a Flank.
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    I main Maeve and i never go to a tanks face. Just isn't smart when you have half the team protecting them. I normally go for the snipers and healers. Some damage characters i may avoid for a while because Maeve her self doesn't have much health. I use Cat burglar more these days. I've gotten very accurate.

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    This will never stop till they rework SJ (i'd rather it be reworked than nerfed tbh).

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