A rogue magistrate mage obsessed with crystals. She wields a long staff with a large crystal at the top and a crystal gauntlet on her other hand.

HP - 2,200

LMB - Crystal Blast - Fires a fast magical projectile which explodes in a small AOE. 500 damage every 0.8 seconds.

RMB - Crystallize - Uses crystal gauntlet to throw a crystalline shield around an ally. 2,000 HP, lasts 10 seconds. 10 second cool down. (It's intended to be able to shield multiple allies at a time with Chronos and cards). Shielded allies regenerate 200 hp per second while the shield lasts.

Q - Power Leech - Fire magical blast with crystal gauntlet similar to LMB. Does 500 damage in small AOE. It can be fired again within 5 seconds at an ally to heal them for the amount of damage done in a similar AOE. Potential damage/healing of up to 2500 if entire enemy team is hit pretty much directly. :P 8 second cool down from the time the heal is applied or 10 seconds if no healing is done.

F - Channel - Channel a shield through the crystal gauntlet (2,000 HP) around Ariana that lasts 3 seconds and also moves her in the direction being pressed at the time it's activated in a 30 unit dash. If no direction is selected she flies straight up, but at half the speed. Can then drift until touching down at a rate similar to Androxus. Regenerate 100 hp per second while the shield lasts. 12 second cool down.

E - Confluence - Grips the crystal on the staff with crystal gauntlet, creating a large shock wave around her. Enemies are knocked back and stunned for 0.5 seconds, taking up to 1000 damage depending on proximity to Ariana. Allies gain a 2,000 HP shield for 5 seconds, are healed for the total amount of damage done, and regenerate 100 hp per second while the shield lasts.


Regenerator: All regenerative skills are twice as effective and Ariana constantly regenerates 20 hp per second for herself.

Durable Structure: Shields Ariana generates have 50% more health and Ariana herself has 200 more HP permanently.

Shocking: All shields generated by Ariana are electrified and any enemy within 5 units takes 50 hp per second so long as they stay within 5 units and the shield stands. If still within range when the shield falls, whether by destruction or duration running out, the enemy takes an additional 200 hp damage.

With Great Power...: All Ariana's skills are twice as effective (AOE on LMB and Q are twice as large, no change to damage, shields have twice as much HP, healing/regenerating is twice as much/fast) but Ariana loses 30 hp per second and can die from this.