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So if am queue for ranked and I tab out from full screen (which I heard is said to be fixed) and I didn't make it back in time to accept cause some irl came up, I get a 1 hour suspension from ranked?

Just curious.

Edit: What if I crashed during champ select?
I'm not talking about deserting the queue, because that doesn't affect actual games. I'm saying if you're in a match and you leave (and don't reconnect or come back), then there should be harsher punishments and the game should be cancelled for the remaining players, so they don't have to waste time in a 4v5 match and lose TP.

And as for champion selection, I think it's fine how that works already. I mean maybe they could increase the TP loss if you keep ditching game lobbies a lot (to discourage players from intentionally leaving because they didn't get a specific champion or whatever).