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Thread: Street justice Maeves are cancerous

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    Street justice Maeves are cancerous

    please, for the love of god, everyone is asking to nerf her but everyone's forgetting that she's only OP because of street justice... the ability to be able to 2 1000 dashs is really unfair.
    I'm writing this after having played as a lex twice against maeves (both had chosen SJ) and I lost both times.
    She's already hard to hit with the tiny projectiles lex shoots (the only way I can kill her is with my "In pursuit", if i dont have it available I'm done, 1-2 daggers+1 dash= dead).
    Now before all of you start flaming me for complaining about Lex and aim, here's my situation: I have a potato computer in which I play paladins with an average of 25 frames... how do you want me to aim if its so choppy, I literally only rely on "Spray and pray" and "auto hits".

    Please, nerf SJ

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    hi rez dont care

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    Yep, we've established that. Just ban her in ranked and hope for the best.
    The most useful kind of teammate is one who dodges all your heals and walks into enemy bullets.

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