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Thread: Paladins Nintendo Switch Live - 12 June 2018 - Bug Reporting and Investigating List

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    During matches my movement is limited.

    This is specific to the nintendo switch version and during playing a match when I start the game won’t let me move in any horizontal directions.
    I can still play like this but is an annoyance and is a struggle when you are playing Seige as you have to get the mount out of a tight gap sideways on some maps. This began when I played as Jenos. I was disappointed that it happened to him as I liked to use him from time to time. However, it started to spread to my other characters. Trust me, I love this game and love that it’s on the nintendo switch for free. Please fix this bug soon as I want to play more. I’m looking forward to getting battle passes, character packs, skins but none of it is worth buying if I can’t play the game properly.
    Thank you for reading this.

    P.S If it is exclusive to my account, as I have found no other record online of this happening to others, my account name is Erules963 on nintendo switch.
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