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Thread: Paladins Nintendo Switch Live - 12 June 2018 - Bug Reporting and Investigating List

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    Hey guys, not sure if this was said already but you have to add the key given to you to get founders pack unlocked...

    still so many bugs though..

    bugs to fix:
    -crashing WTF! @P#&!@
    -autobuy items off not working

    hope they add:
    -SEA region
    -voice chat (OMG why is this missing?)
    -per hero 3rd person mode preference
    -ping info
    -buy chest thru gold (remember to have this on PC)

    Holding off on buying the battlepass til they fix this

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    There doesn't seem to be rhyme or reason but i was playing, i said "awesome" in game, it crashed, loaded back in, it put me back in the game we won, play of the game happened, the screen had the player, tried loading the play, players name stayed on screen while the screen went black, then crashed again.

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    I have been logging in everyday to get my daily reward and was on the 8th day already and today it jumped back to 1. Is there someone who can fix this because it was building up and now back to the start again.

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    Game is crashing frequently on nintendo switch. Error is "The software was closed because an error occurred" this happened once every 10 games or so until today. Now that I've hit level 15 and started doing ranked matches it happens twice per game. I've checked the game files for corruption as well as re-downloaded on an SD card (it was originally on the switch hard drive.)

    Nothing has worked so far, any suggestions? Definitely an issue with Paladins as I've never encountered this error anywhere else.

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    I am having an issue with VGS on Switch taking control stick inputs as valid VGS inputs and cancelling out any actual VGS lines am wanting to use. This is forcing players to stop moving if they wish you use VGS during gameplay and leads to deaths.

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