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    Can we get the old champion customization back? I'd like to combine different skins, for example, Damba's cactus head and chancellor skin. Or Viktor's reaver with the green code voice pack.

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    mix will never come again, maybe for voice pack it could
    cause i see no reason for not be able to mix voice pack as we can mix weapons
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    I want the old customisation back too. i don´t like the hairdress from the Ice Walker Inara, but the body skin D: .

    At least the voice packs with other skins, for example Fernando´s police voicepack with the god of war-skin.
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    I already wrote this in other threads but I guess here its more relevant. If Hi-rez wants to increase profitability of their game bringing back customization is the best way to do it. How so? Simple:

    Having skin customization exponentially increases the VALUE(not the same as price) of each new skin. You see with customization each new skin adds a myriad of options. Just having two skins meant that you had 9 possible combination of how to put them together, 16 if we count voicepacks, and this number just kept increasing with new skins. This made each skin progressively more valuable as more skins meant you stand out more, have your own look. It also meant that buying skins you were not 100% on board with was still a sensible choice as you could replace the parts you don't like with the ones you like. Under these circumstances even the high cost of bundles in Furias event and voicepacks would very much be a reasonable deal.

    However without pieces the system fundamentally falls apart, because if you are not fully on board with a skin...
    Quote Originally Posted by Gisberth View Post
    I want the old customization back too. i don´t like the hairdress from the Ice Walker Inara, but the body skin D: .
    ... it is no longer a sensible choice to buy, especially the fairly high price. In my case this was the very reason I bought Lexes Longboard skin, whose body I hate but loved to mix with his other skins, or Ashes Ronin skin, which has a absolutely laughable head piece(it makes her look like a bad cosplayer).Those are just two skins I would have never bough if customization wasn't a thing and I am pretty sure that something similar can be applied to almost everyone in the paladins community, even if they are not consciously aware of it.

    In short, its in Hi-rez best interest to bring back customization, even if not for all skins.

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    Bring back skin customization.

    If the money is the problem, make it so skin can only be bought in set
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    • Quake champions has skins, which are made of 3 pieces + optional accessory. Each piece, once selected, can be further customized by adding or removing attachments and changing color scheme for each piece separately. Weapons are also customizable in terms of skins and colors.
    • Team fortress 2 allows you to wear 3 hats/accessories at the same time. Some accessories can be painted, some have few variations.
    • Splatoon has 3 slots for clothing and allow to change appearance of your character.
    • Paladins can't handle the second slot.

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    Bring back recolors with mix&match system for skins released prior to OB68!
    Bring back Lifelike and revert Smoke and Dagger!

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