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Thread: A suggestion for Paladins

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    Lightbulb A suggestion for Paladins

    Dear Hi-Rez

    Hello, I wanted to give you a suggestion, to add a new and incredible system of exchanges, would be useful for many players, since we won in skins or other things that we do not like

    As a player of the game I noticed a pretty bad detail, we never win a skin for the Champions that we really play, please add a higher level of chance to the highest level of Champions.
    This would greatly increase the players of the game, will increase the hype to get new skins for their Champions, consequently playing more game, thank you in advance.

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    I apologize, but you made me laugh, Hi Rez will never change this system.
    It's their way of making money and it's called : gambling.
    Well, yes.
    You spend some money and try your luck with the chest to get something.
    Why should they increase the chance for us ? XD
    Try to enter a Casino and ask them to change the chance, you'll see what happens: P
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