LMB: Aura Strike: Punch forward, sending out a slow-moving wave that deals 620 damage. Deals 620 damage every 0.55 seconds.

RMB: Spike: Jump into the air and then strike out in front of you, dealing 200 damage. Enemies hit will be launched downwards. When they hit the ground, they take 400 damage and are stunned. 7 second cooldown.

Q: Clear Mind: Be planted, storing up power. After 0.5 seconds you will gain 500 h/s and 35% damage reduction. This button can be held to last longer. 3 second cooldown.

F: Spinning Kick: Flip forward. Enemies hit will take 400 damage and be knocked back. It can be recast within 2 seconds in the reverse direction. 8 second cooldown.

Ultimate: For 5 seconds, gain 15% movement speed per second, 5% fire rate per second, 200 maximum health per second, and -2 ability cooldown per second.